10 Best Job Interview Tips for Freshers and Experienced



10 Best Job Interview Tips for Freshers and Experienced

JAN 10, 2022

Once you have finished your formal education you are now set to enter employment life; your first evaluation will be thorough interviews. Even if you are an experienced professional, interviews will continue to be a part of your career life. We have hence listed here the 10 best job interview tips that will ace up your career.

Know in detail about your prospective employer and the job opportunity

To successfully qualify for an interview, you should be confident about your answers asked in the process. This you can gain only if you understand the business of your prospective employer and know in detail what is expected from you. The more you study about the job opportunity and the organization, the better will be your answers to the interviewer. The best way to gather knowledge is to go through the company website, their social media page, and their published materials.

Prepare for a basic set of questions

Refer to the questions below:
"Tell us something about yourself"?
Or "Describe some of your best achievements"?
Or "What is your goal down in five years"?
You will have to handle such questions tactfully. Instead of narrating your fears, you must describe them how you handled your fears, what you learned from those incidents, and how you emerged stronger from them.

Be Organized

Pack all the requirements of the interview and keep them organized chronologically the day before your interview. Take a printout of your resume, copies of your academic qualifications and other achievements, your reference list chronologically, so that whenever you need to show them you need not have shuffle through all the documents.

Formal Dressing

Your first impression should be very impactful and formal dressing is always expected in interviews. Avoid dressing up in a casual dress and too many accessories or jewelry. Make sure that the dress you are wearing is properly cleaned and pressed. Prefer not to smoke or drink or eat anything just before the interview.

Carry Yourself in Confidence

You should be confident throughout your interview process, right from the moment you meet and greet your interviewer, your sitting posture, and how you attend the interview everything matters. Sit in an erect position, chin up and straight shoulders, talk confidently with eye contact with the interviewer. Present yourself in positive body language.

Be Punctual

Every action your make matter during an interview. Reach your interview venue before time, getting late for an interview and entering the venue in a clumsy and exasperated attitude can negatively hamper your interview.

Deliver Honest, Concise, And Focused Answers

A major part of your success in an interview depends on how you are answering your interviewer. There will be questions on your past experiences, your achievements, and your failures too. Provide the interviewer with honest responses. Your answers should be very focused and concise while, accept what wrongs you have done previously and what you have learned from them.

Ask Relevant Insightful Questions

Your interviewer might provide the opportunity to you to ask any questions you might have regarding the organization. Ask them questions regarding the working process or employee benefits of how your concerned department works. Never be too nosy about things that do not concern you.

Portray Your Best Self

Succeeding in an interview is not always being qualified for the job, it is also about how you sell yourself your skillset. While responding to the question of the interviewer, never forget to showcase how you are the best fit for the job opportunity.

Show Your Gratitude

Be courteous and thank the interviewer in person or by mail for considering your candidate and sparing his time for interviewing you. If possible, try to thank those who were associated with the interview arrangement via mail.