Education Recruitment Consultancy

Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself – John Dewey

When spoken about education and learning, India has always received a special recognition. The growth in this industry has stood out, marking a massive development in the recent years. Whether it is core education sector or the tutoring classes, there has been a similar trend that is evolving around regularly.

With the growth, the demand of employment also increases. Though it is difficult to bring a balance in this changing industry, recruitment consultancies like Shiras HR Advisory and Services support such institutes here. They help them find the right candidate who meets their requirement and stands to be the best in this competitive industry

Best Recruiting Agency in Bangalore - Shiras HR Advisory and Services

Shiras HR Advisory and Services is delighted to be associated with the education industry. We are an education recruitment consultant who brings the best talent to the educational institutes. We filter such candidates who are promising to change the future of tomorrow and impart right knowledge and skills to the young candidates across the nation.

Since the educational industry is rising, the need to have the right candidate for the right job is a great responsibility. Whether it is for a Ph.D. professional or a trainer, Shiras HR Advisory and Services get involved to give companies the best of employees available in the market.

In case the employment agency like Shiras HR Advisory and Services were not available, it would have been difficult for the educational institutes to look for employees and shortlisting the deserving candidates. But, with such educational recruitment agencies or consultants, the institute can focus on developing its curriculum and its tasks while the agency manages the requirement procedure and give the institute its deserving candidates.

Being an Education Recruitment Consultant

  • Our first job is to know what the skills required for a job profile.
  • Analyzing the candidature from the entire lot and shortlisting the few with the right skill.
  • We also focus on the experience, and the vision of the candidate who wants to transform the condition of the education industry.

We, Shiras HR Advisory and Services, are the education recruitment and employment agency who delivers the best professionals in the various specialized industry to meet the demands needed in the outside world. Further, we actively employee lecturers, educationist, and teaching assistants for all the educational stages.

We also cater to the international schools in the country by providing them content developer, social media experts, school administrator, curriculum designer and few other job profiles.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • We are the leading recruiting consultant, having experts to guide our clients and help them go through the recruiting procedure.
  • We recruit varied job profiles, starting from freshers to experienced professionals.
  • A close preview and training are held for the shortlisted candidates.
  • We ensure that the candidate is suited for the job role and has the perfect skill in order to counterpart the company’s business requirements.
  • We have an experienced team in the field of education that will help identify the right candidate with the skills and the technical knowledge required in this industry.
  • Clients get the chance to network with candidates and companies associated with us.

Our Procedure

Shiras HR Advisory and Services have a team of experts from the educational sector to assist its clients. We focus on the trends and keep the requirements said by the clients on primacy. Our best procedure to handle the recruitment:

  • Looking for the best candidates in the market
  • A definite approach to shortlist candidates
  • Suitable assessment procedure to check on the skills by the experienced staff
  • Qualified professionals to handle the recruitment and finalize the right candidate

Shiras HR Advisory and Services handles all the difficult processes at ease and also fulfills the emergency to recruit employees at the time of emergency. If you are someone who is looking out for such assistance and would like an agency too help you with the recruitment.

Give us a call or drop in a mail today itself.