What Do We Do

HR Shiras

We are Top Recruiting Company and we provide extensive hiring services to our clients working in multiple domains, right from the process of sifting through hundreds of CVs to the final step of recruitment, making the process smooth and efficient. Our highly skilled team provides the whole range of hiring solution including permanent staffing, bulk hiring, RPO, campus placement and other HR related requirements of a company.

Executive Search

Each candidate you hire for your organization is as important as your business is. Therefore, the more research you do, the more efficient candidate you have. Recruiting is not only about finding the highly qualified candidate, but it is also about hiring the relevant one who can understand the intricacies of job profile, can work towards the vision and mission of the company, and can add value to the business. These factors are the reason behind conducting a thorough resource acquisition. Any industry should plan strategically and engage itself in the complicated process of identifying, assessing, and recruiting suitable candidates for various entry-level, mid-level and senior level positions – this is called executive search. We, at Shiras, offer you the supreme services to ensure smooth hiring of the candidates. We conduct in-depth research and build networks within the industry to stay on par with current demand and business dynamics.

How does recruitment process work at Shiras?

At Shiras, we have developed a practical and result-oriented methodology that caters to the requirements of our clients, however, we are flexible to modify and provide a tailor-made recruitment process if this does not meet your demands.

Planning Phase

Planning phase forms the pillar of the recruitment process. Our team of experts will understand our requirements and specifications to identify your purpose which in turn will strengthen our search. Based on your business needs, we will plan a strategy based on essential factors such as latest trends going on in the market, the level of competition, job profile etc. With our generated data, we work towards finding the right candidate for you.

Research Phase

In our research phase, we implement our strategy to find the suitable candidate based on the vital parameters of skill set, qualifications, stability, experience, and performance. This process also involves advertising the job vacancy along with the detailed job description on multiple job portals (paid or free) and ever evolving social media channels. Next step includes selecting the relevant CV’s based on the required parameters and sharing the best candidatures with our clients.

Preliminary Screening

The preliminary screening round is an elimination round wherein we assess the selected candidates on key factors including job title, job location, company profile, compensation package and other details. Our team of HR consultants conducts telephonic interviews to analyze the candidate’s interest and competency. This way, the client will interview only the best.

Schedule Client Interview

Once the initial round of preliminary screening is conducted, we filter the relevant candidates and schedule their interviews with the client directly wherein the client evaluates the potential of the candidates. Additionally, we provide assistance all through the hiring process right from the selection of the candidate till the last round of interview.


The last phase of the hiring process involves the negotiation on remuneration where we assist the client on salary package, joining date and offer letter and communicate the same to the shortlisted candidate. We provide timely guidance both to our client and selected candidate to facilitate smooth absorption of the candidate in the organization.