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We Help You Build A Powerful Career

“A professionally written LinkedIn profile that spotlights your skills, experiences, and impresses your network of connections will take your career to the next level.”

92% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find high-quality candidates. You need to ensure your LinkedIn profile is found when users search for your skill sets and that it makes an impact, setting you apart from the competition.

Shiras offers unrivalled LinkedIn profile creation services to help you build your brand professionally and open up a plethora of valuable job opportunities. With ace profile writers and brand experts on-board, we will work directly with you to make sure your LinkedIn profile is unique and optimized so that you can impress your network and achieve your goals.

So don’t you wish to have a stunning resume that grabs the employer’s attention at just a glance and helps you land that dream job right away

Here are some quick insights into what LinkedIn is and what Shiras is offering;

What Is LinkedIn?

It is a professional social networking platform that has been around longer than any other social media channel and focuses purely on professional networking and career development. With over 560 million professionals using it, this platform has an unlimited supply of connections and career opportunities. It is a strong network that propels you higher and leads to a better shot at the jobs you want.

How Useful Is LinkedIn?

There’s a lot that happens when you have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a platform for connecting people with similar professional backgrounds and helps in connecting with potential employers. Having said that, it has now grown into a powerful tool for recruiters with over 89% of them using it to find great candidates.

I Don’t Have a Profile Yet? What Am I Missing Out?

You are missing out on a whole world of opportunities out there. With many new things coming up, LinkedIn, the largest portal of professionals, is constantly flooded with new market updates and demands. LinkedIn helps you be in the right place at the right time. With recruiters now actively seeking fresh talent and experienced workforce on this platform rather than depending on a portal, you stand to gain a lot with a profile on LinkedIn.

I Have a Profile, But How Will It Work for Me?

Failing to grab attention? There could be many reasons for it – it’s a dormant profile or hasn’t been updated since long. It also could be that your skills, experience hasn’t been presented well or the profile does nothing to add value to your professional branding. But do not worry, we are here to help. With a team of professionally qualified writers who come with years of experience, our experts create a strong profile that is professional, personal and stands out from the crowd. For us, Quality is of prime focus.

What Does Shiras Have to Offer Me?

We will give your profile a complete overhaul with a re-written profile in the first-person narrative. We also ensure that your profile is loaded with customized posts and activities so that you can land your next job faster by using our services. The LinkedIn experts at Shiras conduct deep researches to provide search engine optimized keywords so that recruiters find you easily and your profile stands out from the crowd. We have panel specialized writers who will create an impressive and engaging profile to position you strongly in the field of your choice.

Is That All I Get?

Certainly not. Creating your profile is just the stepping stone, we at Shiras go further and beyond to make your profile most visible. After the basics, we start bringing in more connections and networks for your profile in the relevant domain. We will work on getting you 5-10 connections each day along with building strong recommendations, creating additional endorsements on the profile.

What we do next - highlight the case studies, if any, you have worked on. We take the excerpts of the work done by you, spruce it up by adding the appropriate keywords to get the flow of information in the right order and make it look thoroughly professional.

Apart from this, during regular business hours, we dedicate a professional to be active on LinkedIn to check and respond to messages.

Which Levels of Professionals or Experience Segment Does Shiras Cater to?

We roll out services for these levels:

  • 1. Entry-Level: 0- 3 years
  • 2. Mid-Level: 3-8 years
  • 3. Senior Level: 9 years and above

LinkedIn provides impressive visibility and it all begins with your profile. Just like how companies build their brand, this platform helps you create your professional brand online. In simple terms, LinkedIn is the way to go if you wish to put your name on the professional map.