Resume Service

Resume Service

A professionally written resume is your ticket to land that dream job. “Curriculum vitae” or CV as we call it, is an exhibit of your education, skill-set, and experience, in short, it’s a summary about you. So don’t you wish to make it stunning that it grabs the employer’s attention at just a glance and helps you land that job you always wished for?

Let us at HR Shiras help cut-out a high quality professionally written CV so that you can sit back, relax and prepare for that interview. Our Make My Resume services are a sure way to land your next job faster by leveraging our expert resume writing service.

Level Wise Resumes

Entry-level : As a young professional with around 1-3 years of experience, it is important to highlight your specialization and skills. Our team of professional writers will create a CV that emphasizes your skills and specialization in such a way that will help the potential employers gauge the value-add you will be bringing in.

Mid-level : Here, the resume should tell your story while demonstrating the contributions you may have made in your career spanning over 4-8 years. Our experts will work with you to spin the best version of your CV which is tailored specifically for your next role.

Senior-level : At this level, your CV should be crisp and accurate while describing your vast experience to a potential employer. Leave it our content wizards to bring in the best element for your profile so that you get spotted by leading companies in the industry.

Types of Resumes

Chronological Resume

It begins with listing your work history in reverse chronological order. Employers prefer this kind of resume because they can easily glance at the jobs you have held earlier and when you have worked at them. This resume works well for those candidates who have a strong work background and years of expertise

Functional Resume

This type is used to focus on your skills and experience. It begins with a profile summary at the top and may or may not list the work history at the bottom. These kinds of resumes are preferred by those who are changing careers or have gaps in their employment

Combination Resume

A mix chronological and functional, this type of resume features the skills and expertise at the top followed by the work history. It helps in highlighting as to what makes you the right choice for the job while giving the potential employer a piece of detailed information.

Targeted Resume

Use this kind of resume when you want to apply for a job that matches your qualifications and experience. This kind of resumes is customized to specifically highlight the skills which are required for in a particular business or domain.

Infographic Resume

This type has started to gain popularity in the last few years. All the information about a candidate’s experience, skills, education, etc. are represented using both text and images. With such an attractive graphical presentation, be assured to grab the attention of potential employers at just a glimpse.

Video Resume

Lasting for about a minute or more, this type of resume is going to score you the best first impression with your employers. A video resume allows your potential employer to “hear” and learn from you as to why they should hire you, even before you step into the office for a face-to-face round

Resume Service

Resume Formatting : Fast-track your career path with exceptional resume formatting services from our team of professionals who have years of experience and knowledge about the hiring process. We will help in de-cluttering your CV and only present those facts that matter to an employer. Creative and unique, stand out from the rest with a tailor-made CV and open a doorway to new and exciting career possibilities.

Resume Writing : Let us help you translate your success tales into an impactful CV. Our team of recruiting experts will build a professional and excellent resume that aim right and lands you the job. With ATS (Application Tracking System) used by most employers these days, we develop keyword-optimized CVs that are proven to pass such systems

CV Sourcing : Reaching out to the right and capable candidate for your business is our goal. We source the right talent to match your requirements by mining through various profiles from online portals, using advanced searches, social media, etc. We also have a database of active job-seekers and a dedicated expert to handle all your hiring requirements.

Cover Letter : A crucial part of the recruitment process, Cover Letters are great to introduce yourselves even before the employer checks your CV. Think of it as a medium that conveys your personality so the goal should be to make it very memorable in the best possible way. Our well-trained writer will tailor-make each letter to suit your requirement or will create a generic letter which can be utilized for all job applications.