5 Quick tips for Candidates about Executive Recruiters



5 Quick tips for Candidates about Executive Recruiters

February 26, 2018

As a job seeker, you might be getting calls from recruiters on a daily basis. Recruiters are a diverse lot. The best recruiters can even woo the most passive candidates. In this blog, we mainly discourse about Executive Recruiters.

Executive recruiters also called Executive headhunters are those professionals who focus on filling executive positions (higher-level positions) within the companies. They are the ones who find the best candidates for the job. They spend plenty of time mining for companies, searching for candidates and we can see them staying glued to LinkedIn to discover the best profiles.

Below are some of the traits of Executive Recruiters

They earn really well for placing one candidate

Executive recruiters work on commission. They can earn up to 20%- 30% of the candidate’s salary. This simply means that if they are recruiting the CEO of any company, executive recruiters can take home a huge portion of their salary.

They are devoted only to the company

The major element of an Executive Recruiter’s job is to interact with the candidates. They contact the candidates and talk about the Job opening in an enticing manner. But that doesn’t mean that they are devoted to the candidates. Executive Recruiters are devoted and loyal to the company that’s hiring, not the candidate applying for the job. So if the candidate’s profile doesn’t go with any of a company’s current openings, candidates will most likely not get the consideration they seek.

All executive recruiters are not the same

Make sure that you connect with only genuine executive recruiters who work on an exclusive basis for their clients. This will ensure that your career information is held in a highly confidential manner and will be disclosed to a hiring organization and that it won’t be revealed to any third parties.

Communicate with potential executive recruiters

The thing with Executive Recruiters is that, they won’t directly come and engage with you. You have to directly walk up to them, identify the recruiters who specialize in your industry and make yourself as visible as possible via LinkedIn, article writing etc. Most of the roles that executive recruiters handle rarely appear on job boards, so don't wait to read about an opening as it probably won't happen.

Contacting an executive recruiter

Recruiters are normally short on time and receive so many unwanted resumes. Chances are that, even if a recruiter opens your resume but it does not catch their eye, it might not even make it into the databank. You can’t stay on top just by sending your resume and making calls to the recruiters every other day. Executive recruiters focus on a specific industry to achieve a level of proficiency. So you can start by finding and approaching the expert executive recruiter in your niche. Introduce yourself, let them know that you're in the market, briefly explain your area of proficiency, and offer to help with any insight that can help them fill their open positions. This way, you can make the relationship stronger and valuable for both beyond just a single job opportunity.