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Why choose a B2B Consultancy for your Business’ Recruitment Needs?

Jan, 23 2018

Having the right B2B recruitment consultancy for your business whether small or big will make a huge difference where acquiring the right talent for the growth and progress of your business is concerned. Recruitment is a complex process that involves tasks like screening the candidates, shortlisting the potential candidates, getting in contact with them to schedule interviews, negotiating salary, etc. When your business uses the services of the reliable B2B consultancy, you can not only save time but rest assured the potential candidate would definitely turn out to be a quality hire.

Most often businesses feel owning an in-house HR service would save them from opting for recruitment consultancies. However, it is very important to understand that the role of HR in your business is not confined to hiring and terminating or firing your staff. Their role goes beyond these basic tasks where they are also involved in policy maintenance, payroll management, framing management policy to safeguarding the employees' interest for enhanced work productivity, and also being available to share the employees' grievances.

Understanding the B2B Recruitment Process

Profiling Job Roles and Responsibilities : Dependable Business-to-Business recruiting consultancy will make certain to understand the acute roles and responsibilities of the candidate for the available positions. They will also ensure to understand the pay scale, designation, department / division, location of the business or the subsidiary business. After gathering as much information pertaining to the duties, responsibilities, and skills that fit in the wider structure of the company looking for fresh talent, the consultant will screen the profiles of probable candidates using a wide range of available data available at their disposal.

Identifying Viable Candidates : Searching the ideal candidates is one-half of the recruitment process while the rest involves identifying the potential candidates with the right caliber required to take up the available role that will benefit your business. This is a tedious process involving a thorough study of the candidates’ resumes, profiles, work experiences, to name a few. As the ideal B2B Consultancy is attuned to reading the profiles of candidates in compliance with the job roles, they have the knack to shortlist the best talents for your business.

Telephonic Screening : Further screening the potential candidates is an important task to reinforce or to assure the suitability of the candidate for a defined job role. Dedicated and reliable B2B recruiting consultancy will speak to 10-15 potential candidates to determine whether the candidate's skills and education are in compliance with the role but also to ensure that the candidate's attitude matches with the values and beliefs of your business or not. It is one of the most crucial steps before sharing the invite to attend an interview scheduled with the employer.

The interview and the negotiation process : The B2B recruitment agency will schedule an interview date as favored by the employer and communicate the same along with details like venue, the contact person, documents to be carried while attending the interview via an interview invite which is basically shared with the potential candidate through email. Certain B2B recruitment agencies also extend services pertaining to negotiations involving the pay scale, employee benefits, etc. As the potential applicants first go through a telephonic interview with the representative of the consultancy, they prefer to share their opinions and interview experience with the representative who would be able to derive at a suitable negotiation that would benefit the employer.

The merits of choosing a B2B recruitment agency for your Business

Reduced Time-to-Hire and Cost Reduction : Some of the best B2B consultancies help your business by reducing the time-to-hire or the duration taken to recruit a new hire by 45% and thus reducing the downtime to substantially increase productivity. Depending on the recruitment model your business would choose, you could reduce the cost of hiring along with other benefits like improved quality of hire, scalability and flexibility, reduced downtime, etc. The B2B agencies provide different models to suit your business ranging from the cost-per-hire basis, one-time recruitment cost, occasion-based / need-based recruitment service, to name a few.

Quality of Hire or Candidate Quality : The right candidate or the best job applicant is gauged not only as an amalgamation of their experience and education but also based on their personality and accomplishments. As the B2B agency will profile the suitable roles and responsibilities and screen the potential applicants after which they conduct the initial screening via telephonic interview, the quality of hire is ensured despite the reduced time-to-hire. This is one of the major reasons your business must choose a reliable B2B consultancy to meet the requirements of talent acquisition for the growth of your company.