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Decoding the expectations of the new-age digitally-inclined B2B customers

April, 12 2019

Today's world is digital-centric slowly advancing towards technological progress, for instance; the development and incorporation of artificial intelligence would sooner or later influence the working of the society. Progressive developments need to be implemented by B2B consultancies and businesses to ensure improved customer service. The B2C business is more needs-based and behavior-based which is not the case in B2B further emphasizing the importance of understanding the expectations of the modern B2B customers.

Understanding the expectations of B2B customers

Although most of the B2B companies today have access to information, industry best practices, case studies, etc. only a few provide noteworthy customer experiences. The reason for this is that today’s B2B customers have a completely different or new set of expectations determined by technology. Hence, the current set of influential smart B2B customers are up to date with the evolving and changing market trends. They are knowledgeable and are certain of their needs, requirements, and most importantly the terms of accomplishing these needs. When B2B customers’ expectations are shaped by technology, they expect more from the brand.

With many B2B customers becoming more discriminating and influential as they are hyper-connected and are more digitally empowered, garnering their loyalty towards your brand becomes even more crucial in today’s scenario. Even more so, customer focus and customer orientation are the keys to remain competitive in the digital age.

B2B digital customer relations

As contact with business customers in any typical B2C is all about convenience, the tables are turned in B2B where the customers prefer vendors or providers who will make the B2B transaction as easy as possible for them which involves combining, organizing orders, providing clear added values irrespective of channel or vertical.

Cross-channel serve as gateways to digital customer relations; this is because B2B customers have the option of switching between the vendors or distribution channels where information and procurement process are concerned.

Moreover, the B2B customers are also the B2C consumers who at some point of time used electronic catalogs offered from the online shops. Hence, having the same online option for B2B customers is an absolute necessity today. In fact, it eases the B2B businesses providing products or services in delivering suitable variants of hard copy catalogs.

Bridging the B2B customer relations gap

Most of the B2B clients have stated that they require their providers or vendors to stay in conjunction with them during the sales ride. This means they need a partner and not done with the dealer sales rep or agency. Basically, they require to be able to have confidence a B2B vendor partner to supply concepts for improvement or facilitate fine-tune their strategy. They are additionally, in fact, curious about a vendor’s facilitate on the approach determination any issues encountered and, in general, creating their lives and their client shopping for journeys easier and additional pleasant as that is what a good business vendor would do which would help them build lasting relationships with clients. If a B2B business is successful in bridging this gap, those relationships can last a protracted time and lead to abundant business for the B2B Company.

B2B customers expect transparency

B2B customers value honesty and seek transparency from the B2B business. It is in fact very simple to establish transparency where the B2B company can communicate the progress of the sale or service along with providing the itemized pricing and making it known in case the business is outsourcing the work to a third-party, etc. This will ensure a successful B2B relation for a longer run. Thus, being honest and transparent lays the foundation of the best B2B customer relations which the B2B customers really expect.