5 Effective Reasons Why You Need a Recruitment and Selection Policy



5 Effective Reasons Why You Need a Recruitment and Selection Policy

May 28, 2018

HR Recruiting Firms in Bangalore are aplenty. There is a tough competition between them which requires one to be ahead of the others to recruit as many able candidates as possible. This requires the firm to be organized and focused by having the best practices with clear guidelines so the goal of recruitment is achieved. This includes following a well-written recruitment and selection policy.

Here's a definition: A recruitment and selection policy includes an organization's statement of principles that outlines how its recruitment and selection process is to be conducted.

In simple words, it means to have a set of principles laid down and abided by, in order to have clarity in the recruiting processes. This encourages transparency and an unbiased recruitment and selection process that results in acquiring the right candidate, relevant to the goals, mission and vision of the firm. Here are five reasons why a firm can find it helpful to follow a recruitment and selection policy.

Accuracy of Job Description

A job description is a list of requirements and the nature for a specific job profile that is used as a benchmark to see if a potential candidate matches the profile. This gives the recruiter clarity in knowing what is to be looked for in the candidate and what can be altered in him/her if selected. The job description is created keeping in mind the needs of the firm.

Consistency in the Recruitment Process

In a recruitment and selection policy, certain criteria are formed against which the candidate will be tested and interviewed on. Following these statements through all the stages of recruitment will keep out any form of biases that may hinder the recruitment. The manner in which the interview is conducted, the treatment of the candidates, the recruiting team, and the reference checks – should be done uniformly with fairness. The nature of job descriptions that are advertised should be maintained at all times to attract appropriate candidates.

Reputation of the Firm

Having a sound recruitment and selection policy and sticking by it is helpful in creating reliability that attracts candidates. When your firm follows a strict and unbiased policy of recruitment and good practices, candidates feel comfortable in trying for the job opportunity. Having too many HR Services in Bangalore, competition is no stranger to yours. So, this in turn will make candidates recommend your firm to others as well.

Transparency of the firm's practices

Having an open communication with all stakeholders of the firm through the recruitment and selection policy, will help create an understanding of the vision and mission of the firm internally. It is also a good practice to intimate the candidates about their employment status. Maintaining a record of the recruitment process will pave a way for future reference.

Having a recruitment and selection policy greatly sets in place, your recruitment process and eventually your firm. Be sure to maintain confidentiality and professionalism at all times for an effective recruitment. This will definitely take the quality of services of your firm to greater heights. A good suggestion is Shiras HR and Advisory Services which strictly adheres to their recruitment and selection policy.