Marketing Trends and Challenges for B2B Marketing in 2019

Marketing Trends and Challenges for B2B Marketing in 2019

Jan, 05 2018

In a nutshell, business-to-business marketing or B2B marketing involves the selling of one company’s services and products to another company. It also refers to the best practices and business approach utilized by companies with services and products sold to other businesses. It differs from B2C or business-to-consumer marketing that involves the sale of a company’s product or service to the consumers both directly and indirectly.

Every year the B2B marketing strategies change bringing along a whole new set of trends and challenges a B2B marketer must implement and avoid respectively to stay in the market. It is vital to be in tune with both the present and upcoming marketing trends. Most importantly, it is very essential to not indulge in the old ways that have proven to be beneficial to your B2B marketing plan. Regularly changing the strategies to stay on par with the business contemporaries thus takes the center stage.

The Trends and Challenges of B2B Marketing this year are Digital-centric

The B2b marketing trends shaping up this year will certainly help you make the most of your B2B marketing strategy. The ever-changing expectations of the new generation of buyers and the updation of marketing technologies like the implementation of the AI to marketing, HR, etc. requires B2B marketing trends that match the pace of the evolving market. The latest trends influencing B2B marketing can have a direct impact on your company's ROI.

The new trend will require the B2B marketers to leverage a plethora of marketing tools and technologies that will deliver and warrant a personalized user experience relying on many factors including trust, building interpersonal relationships, etc. Some of the best consultancies in Bangalore which also provides recruiting consultancy services endeavor to provide a higher personalized user experience as their B2B marketing strategy.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing the Digital Way

The current year would definitely witness the rise of new age B2B buyers who greatly depend on the online search engines. Online reviews, social media content, or even peer recommendations influences their business decision-making skills. It means, utilizing the online platform to have a better brand presence with authentic reviews and on social media will benefit the company selling its services and products to other businesses.

Some of the top business consultancies have the best of the reviews and a strong presence on the various social media platforms. When it comes to connecting to the right prospects or sharing honest product reviews or even adding value to your brand, social media can be your confederate if you use it strategically to engage your B2B traffic.

One could also encourage their consumers to leave a personalized review or user experience pertaining to their services and products. Some of the best online testimonials visible on your website and social media will influence the consumers taking up the role of word-of-mouth marketing as used by an HR consultancy in Bangalore. In fact, a recruiting consultancy which is into bulk hiring can employ the visiting candidates and companies to advocate their brand as the brand ambassadors by offering special offers, invites to important events, exclusive content, affiliate programs, and so on.

When Artificial Intelligence Becomes a B2B Marketing Utility

Although AI or artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of the market in the past years, the current year promises its sustenance and emergence as a household entity as common as cell phones in the present decade. In fact, artificial intelligence is expected to become a crucial aspect of B2B marketing and advertising strategy.

The evolution of artificial intelligence driving the marketing technologies will enable the B2B marketers to utilize the AI enabled data to analyze their client’s buying behavior to come up with personalized marketing content that will increase the conversion rate via direct targeting. Website, email, social media, live chat, messenger, etc. could be used to collect the client data. Though this entire process would seem tedious, the AI-enabled marketing will facilitate it to derive analysis and to implement the personalized marketing plan.

The Rise of Account-based Marketing or ABM as a B2B Marketing Trend

Reflecting on the importance of AI-enabled data accumulation of clients, the same is influencing the best B2B consultancy in Bangalore to make the most use of their account-based marketing strategies. Artificial intelligence based B2B marketing is closely related and even interlinked with ABM as both rely on understanding the buyer’s behavior to create personalized content to bank on their sales pipelines.

ABM together with CRM can help the B2B marketers deliver a highly personalized user experience. It would further enable them to track results and deliver exclusive content directed at the prospective client to close the sale in B2B marketing. The right prospect can be tracked and converted by providing a personalized user experience which will also help in client retention. As every B2b marketer would aim to outperform the past year by challenging the self, implementing the above mentioned key factors that will be the game-changers in the year 2019 will bring in the much-needed leverage to achieve and exceed the intended or targeted ROI's.