12 Tips for Team Building: How to Build Successful Work Teams



Tips for Building a Good Team Organization

April 09, 2018

Michael Jordan, the former American Basketball player once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Living by his words, we bring to you an article that will help you and your business to have an effective team.

Following are 12 tips to guide you to have an effective strategy and build a team that will help your business grow.

Whether your company is a startup or a corporate firm, always remember to be an example for your employees. It is important as a leader to set an example by working hard and be dedicated towards the goal of the company. If you want to have a strong team of efficient employees, start being with yourself the way you want your team to be.

As employees, it is necessary for your team to know the planning and strategies used in the business. No matter how difficult the project is, the goals and the objectives of the business should be clear. Accordingly, the expectations from the employees will fall in place. If the team members are not clear about what they are accountable for, then it will not make them work towards the goals of the business.

A team turns to be strong when there are equal trust and respect that comes from all the team members. Having trust in an employee is the most important element in a successful teamwork. Thus, build a team with mutual trust and respect. With this, the coordination and workforce will improve and will create a strong foundation for the business.

Communication is the solution to a lot of things. Be it business or in personal life, to make things work positively, one must communicate and exchange thoughts and views. For a team, it is important to let your team members talk, share their views, and discuss openly and most importantly without any hesitation. The team should be free to receive and give out decisions and voice their opinion making it a two-way process for communication.

As a leader, if you want to see your team working proficiently, you have to set goals that would encourage them to work harder. Without any goals ahead, it wouldn’t make a team liberate their energy to work for it. Every team member should be aware what the company goals are and what every team member is heading to in the years ahead. They should have a clear idea of the goals along with a stipulated time which will make them enthusiastic to work for it.

Being productive at workplace depends on a lot of factors. If the leader of the team does not share the roles and responsibilities of the employee, then he cannot perform to the best of his capabilities. The team members would be in the middle of the work, finding himself lost and waste time figuring out reasons for his work. Thus to channelize the work productivity, it is important to make the team members know about the roles and responsibilities they need to focus in a perfect manner.

You are the leader, the guide and also a team member for the project team. There will be ups and downs your team will face, but you have to encourage, motivate and keep them going in spite of any downfall. It would be better if you would highlight the skills of each team member and appreciate them for their work. Give the team members equal importance and make them operate closely towards the goal.

Remember that during work, there are times when the team gets frustrated and fails to work with the much-needed concentration and passion required. So, as a leader - give your team a break from the regular work and organize some cultural event to refresh. There could also be some interesting sessions in between work that would make them open towards other team members and stimulate their minds to work better.

Relationship with every team member is going to be important. If conflicts or an issue arises between the team members, you have to resolve and unravel the disturbance. You need to look into the matter and stay neutral while solving the problem. It is necessary to have a peaceful environment at work and a healthy relationship amongst the team members.

You may want to know everything and have every update from your team regarding their daily task. But, to have a better bond with your team members, it is recommended that you give them a bit of leverage and space to work according to their comfort. Of course, as a leader, you need to know the work process, but interfering in everything your team does will not be advisable.

Taking feedback and responses from the team members is an important component as a leader. It makes you have a clear picture of what the team thinks and expects in order to bring out the best of each individual. It will also give ideas and the areas for improvement if required.

As a leader, your responsibility is to provide training to your team members for their professional and personal development. With regular training and frequent brainstorming sessions, your team will bring out better results. You could also bring out more creativity and inspire them to think out of the box. At the end of the day, every individual needs upgradation and has to learn something that would help them in life.