Your Guide to a Successful Career Change



Your Guide to a Successful Career Change

April, 8 2019

It is imperative to pursue a career path that would reward you financially, emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise. If your current job is not offering you that wholesome satisfaction and if you feel you deserve more, then you may consider changing your career. But, how would you initiate planning the same and what would be the best means of executing a career change?

Planning the change

As making a career change involves investing both your money and time, staying informed to discern the best plan of action is of utmost importance. Primarily, even before considering a career change it is critically important to determine whether you really need to change your career. It is because sometimes you only have to look for a new job and not a new career when you are seeking monetary growth. Recruitment specialists from the top B2C recruitment consultancy in Bangalore suggest changing a job rather than a career if you have the right qualification and credentials required for the particular job profile or profession.

In reality, changing jobs or identifying the cause, pattern, and behavior that is obstructing your path to success is simpler and easier when compared to the complex task of changing one’s career. However, when you are certain of executing a career makeover to gain overall satisfaction in terms of financial, emotional, spiritual satisfaction and otherwise, the below-listed steps deliberated after much consideration by the best recruitment consultancy in Bangalore will simplify the complicated process of changing one’s career with these easy to follow guidelines for changing careers effectively.

Assessing and evaluating your skills, interests, and personality

If you truly believe a career change is in order, the primary step involves assessing and evaluating your values, priorities, integrity, style, non-negotiables, ideals, your preferences and skills, aptitudes, and interests. It is because, every individual is different with their own set of incredible talents, passions, and determination that needs to be made use of to their maximum potential to build a successful career.

To achieve this, you can self-assess and self-evaluate by starting with the basic set of questions pertaining to your interests, expected salary, the additional skills sets required to effectively and successfully pursue a desired career, etc. along with your long-term and short-term goals. You can further simplify this crucial step by seeking the aid of reliable career counselors from the top-most consultancies who will aid you in determining the right career direction.

Determining your compelling vision in terms of long-term career goals

Vision, in this case, implies the effort and duration required to reach your career goal one step at a time. This is crucial as most often aspirants envision far away or unrealistic goals which in fact is a mistake of thinking or looking too far ahead. It is critical to developing a concrete vision with a clear idea of what you want to achieve specifically to determine realistic career goals while choosing a new career. Though outstanding ideas and vision play a major role in building and developing your confidence, it is imperative to consider and reconsider before quitting your job to look for a different job or career option.

As the shift or the change would also involve a short settling phase involving uncertainties and adapting to new culture and environment both career and lifestyle wise, saving your hard-earned money for this temporary phase is very crucial.

Making a pro and con list of your current and potential career

As changing one’s career should be an emotionally conscious decision, making a pro and con list of your existing career and the potential career change is not just rudimentary but is also the most crucial method of organizing your thoughts and apprehensions in a realistic and intellectual manner. Often emotions play a critical role by shadowing our experiences where one is unhappy with the current job; hence, drafting out the pros-and-cons will give you a realistic picture of the shift or drastic lifestyle change the new career prospect may bring about. While making this list, you also need to compare the reasons for wanting to leave into a new career against why you should remain in your present career. Then you could start with comparing the positives and negatives of both the careers while noting whether the pros outweigh the cons or the cons are outweighing the pros. It is one of the most important steps in changing one’s career.

Getting in league with the right people

When you are sure of a different career, identify people who are into similar roles and better yet who are passionate and successful in a similar career. When you express your interest or acknowledge them professionally, they would certainly reciprocate and provide you with the right advice. Reliable B2C recruitment consultancies go that extra mile for you in understanding your objective and vision to direct you towards the best careers. The top recruitment agencies also aid you in making the right connections to accomplish a successful career shift.

Making career pivots may scare you or even terrify you. In fact, change in itself is a terrifying thought, but when you have the drive and the passion to change your future positively you can accomplish your goal of settling into the career that would reward you emotionally, spiritually, financially, and otherwise. And to achieve it all, you need to take the right step of getting connected with the best recruitment agency.