Appreciation Matters in Workplace Environment



Appreciation Matters: Creating an Encouraging Workplace Environment

May 30, 2020

Doesn’t it feel good when someone acknowledges your work and appreciates your contribution? Just a few kind words can create a surge of happiness which will keep your mood elevated for the rest of the day. Appreciation is crucial in the workplace because it is one of the principal motivators for any employee and drives them to sincerely dedicate themselves to work. There has been considerable research in this field which has proven that few words of appreciation have a direct link to increased job satisfaction and happiness.

Why show appreciation?
  • 1. Appreciation enhances an individual’s mood and hence improves productivity because they know that their work and dedication is being valued. This motivates them to keep up their performance and strive to do better.
  • 2. It helps in boosting the morale of the employees and creates a ripple effect in the workplace. Happiness is contagious so when one employee is happy the effect can spread to others around him/her.
  • 3. There is a biological element to it. Appreciation, positive feedback, gratitude, or a sincere thank you is said to activate the hypothalamus – the portion of the brain that controls the “reward” neurotransmitter called dopamine. Also called a “chemical messenger”, since it is used by our nervous system to send messages between nerve cells, a boost of this transmitter does wonder in an individual’s overall health - both mental and physical like reducing stress, encouraging better sleeping habits to name a few.
  • 4. Appreciation also keeps employees engaged and builds staff loyalty. Studies have highlighted that more than 75% of employees expressed that they get motivated when their higher authorities’ express appreciation for the efforts they put in.

How can you show appreciation to your employees?
  • 1. Monetary benefits are a big motivator but it’s not everything. Kind and good words go a long way in making a person feel happy and content. Positive feedback or an appreciation note for anyone across the organization irrespective of their rank or position creates a positive environment. And as it goes with human behavior, we tend to reciprocate what we receive.
  • 2. Another way of showing appreciation would be by involving the employees or taking their views in the decision-making process.
  • 3. You can also state a trait or nature of an employee or a particular job that they are doing exceptionally well.
  • 4. Offering them lucrative career advancement opportunities or additional responsibilities are some other ways of showing your appreciation and trust.
  • 5. Appreciation should be a daily event; it should not be just restricted for indoor meetings or rewards and recognition events. A simple thank you and/or acknowledgment of a task will yield great results in the long run.

Big or small, the size of the organization doesn’t matter. But it is important to make your employees feel valued and appreciated. Whether it is organizing events, offering freebies or meal coupons, or just giving positive reinforcement, your people need to know that the work they do is appreciated by their peers as well as the authorities. Appreciation is a powerful tool that is easy to do at zero-cost. It is one of the core values that help a company rise and be known for treating its people right.