How Can HR Improve Internal Communications?



How Can HR Improve Internal Communications?

OCT 22, 2022

Internal communication is the key element in the success of any organization or company. Strong workplace communication helps achieve the objectives of the company, builds trust, enhances teamwork and cooperation, boosts employee engagement, and generates a creative, positive, and inspiring workplace.

HR plays the most vital role in improving the internal communication of any company. It is worth mentioning that the duties and responsibilities of the HR department are not only confined to hiring people but also, to making the employees feel involved, updated, and happy. All this can certainly be achieved through strong internal communications.

The suggestions mentioned below can be included in the internal communications strategy by any HR team that wishes to improve workplace communication.

Conduct a survey

Initiate by conducting a survey. Let your employees share their ideas and thoughts on how they wish to communicate. In the present time, when organizations have opened opportunities like remote working and hybrid working, it becomes even more important to get feedback from your employees on their desired way of communication. Try to include direct questions so that right and meaningful information is fetched. Soliciting questions and feedback from people helps HR understand the employees and simultaneously enhances internal communication.

Involve everyone in common talk sessions

As an HR, you must encourage everyone to participate in communication sessions. All you need to do is to organize sessions where people can simply talk with one another without any hesitation. It is a great idea to provide a certain easy topic, like, how to prepare for an upcoming event or ask for suggestions on how to make meetings more interesting or engaging. Make sure that members from every department get involved in such sessions. Remember, the main objective is to invite, involve and engage everyone so that they can come forward to speak and participate in such common talk sessions.

Weave stories together

One of the best strategies to improve internal communications is to create stories together. Whether it is about any important news of your organization, the success story of your employees, celebrations, sharing of ideas, upcoming events or welcoming a new employee on-board, giving a voice to your employees and weaving stories together would not only help create a strong bond with the employees but will also induce confidence in your employees to communicate and express their thoughts clearly.

Arrange for a one-to-one meeting with your employees

Not all employees are the same! Some of them might be candidly straightforward and would discuss their concerns and issues open-heartedly while others would feel more comfortable talking in a private space. As an HR, it is your duty to provide and create a private comfortable environment that helps your employees talk without any hesitation. Hence, ensure arranging a one-to-one meeting at least on a monthly basis. In situations when you need to postpone such one-to-one meetings, make sure to inform your employees in advance so that they get the feeling of being valued and staying informed.

With the right efforts and strategy for internal communication, HR would not only succeed at improving workplace communication but would also observe increased productivity, improved performance and satisfaction in employees.