HR Industry Trends Companies Should Consider Adopting in 2022

HR Industry Trends Companies Should Consider Adopting in 2022

July 11, 2022

The latest industry trends are showing massive changes in terms of employee selection, work ethics, work environment, and so on. And these changes would be continued to roll in upcoming years. Are you enthusiastic to know some of the key HR trends of 2022? Let us check it out.

Skill-based Opportunities Over Degree-based Opportunities:

You might know Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping today’s labour market to a great extent. This cutting-edge technology is not only automating an array of jobs but also creating new opportunities based on advanced in-demand skills in the industry.

According to new research, a vast range of HR jobs is going to be created by 2030, where the majority of emphasis would be on skills based on working with machines. For instance, two of the job roles that would more likely to gain attention in this regard are Human Machine Teaming Manager and Algorithm Bias Officer.

Another worth-noting point is that the upcoming years would witness less emphasis on degrees whereas more emphasis on in-demand skills by many corporate giants. That means the credentials of a candidate won’t make much influence in times of hiring. Instead, the extent of knowledge and practice of in-demand skills would be thoroughly checked. In short, skill-based hiring would not only expand the knowledge, skills, and experience of applicants but also create golden opportunities for internal employees.

Candidates can opt for their favourite career path based on their preferences. Nonetheless, it is also crucial to evaluate the demand for the skills in the current industry. For instance, 29% percent of the skills, which were mentioned in job postings in 2018, is going to be out of fashion by 2022.

Employee Well-being Would be a New Trend:

In essence, employee well-being would no longer be an additional benefit for employees in the near future. Instead, ensuring the health and happiness of professionals in the workplace would help employers to show their support and empathy to employees. However, employee well-being would not only be limited to physical health but financial, career, social, and emotional well-being would also be considered.

And this new trend came into the picture after the unexpected hit of the Covid-19 pandemic faced by the world. As a result, the concept of well-being has expanded from the employees to their families.

Therefore, the future holds tremendous benefits for not only individual employees but also their families. This latest trend has been materialized by various health and well-being applications and resources to help working parents manage their children’s home education.

The Alignment of Values Would Get Higher Priority:

The discussion of the latest HR trends would remain incomplete without mentioning the importance of values in the current industry. The majority of employees have mentioned the importance of the alignment of values between the companies and their own.

That means the future workplace would witness the measures and strategies by corporate giants to alleviate the employee expectation gap. We can hope that the gap between organization leaders and knowledge workers would be closed in the near future.

The less the difference in values between employers and employees, the more the productivity and performance of employees and the overall business can be expected.

That is why industry leaders should start strategizing to lessen the employee expectation gap. For instance, interacting with employees to know their expectations can be of great help. Moreover, it is also crucial to make a workplace as convenient as possible for employees to bring the best out of them. In short, it would create a win-win situation for employers and employees alike.

Changes are only permanent in the world. And when it comes to the work structure in the current industry, changes are evident.