5 ways HR Shiras takes the stress out of your Recruitment strategy



5 ways HR Shiras takes the stress out of your Recruitment strategy

April 21, 2022

Here are five ways HR Shiras streamlines your recruitment strategies

Higher Rate of Lead Conversion of Talented Candidates

A recruiter's job is not only to set up candidates for interviews, but also to discuss with their client what experience, qualification, skill set, or hard skills they require in a candidate. Instead of just shortlisting candidates for interviews, recruitment agents scan and filter candidates who fit the job description and will work for the firm in the long run, rather than just selecting candidates for the interview. They identify candidates who are right for the job and are qualified for the job rather than just arranging futile interviews. HR Shiras focuses more on providing or creating a qualified talent pool for you so that you have a productive team.

Cost-Effective and Compliant Recruitment Option

Hiring through a recruitment agency is quicker and less expensive than trying to hire internally. Recruiters collect CVs and assess them, verify references, and screen candidates using the best interview techniques, saving organizations time and money. Hire a recruiter who understands your business and goals. Once they know what you do and what your objectives are, they will hire the right people in a timely, cost-effective way. Furthermore, recruitment law can be complex and misunderstood by many. The subject of recruitment law is extremely complex, and there are many misconceptions surrounding matters such as diversity in the workplace, maternity leave, wages, and unfair dismissals.

Industry-Specific Recruitment

Not only do recruitment agencies like HR Shiras recruit top talent from the talent pool, but they also specialize in various specific fields. The best recruiters specialize in both recruiting the talent pool and hiring in specialized fields. With their niche industry, specific knowledge HR Shiras can get the best fit for your job opening based on their expertise in coding and programming. For example, an employer can approach HR Shiras if they are seeking a programmer to fill a vacant position. By evaluating a prospective candidate's coding and programming expertise, our recruitment agents can analyze a candidate better. With his field and trade specialization, he can find the exact right candidate for your job opening.

Tap the Talented Passive Job Seekers

In a study conducted by North American University, 15% of the job seekers are satisfied with their jobs while only 12% of the already employed population is actively searching for jobs. while there is a pool of around 73% of workers who are not currently seeking work but are willing to listen to new job opportunities. At Shiras we do not just pull in passive job seekers, but also the 12% actively searching for work. Recruitment agencies look for candidates not only in the halls of their offices who already know that they have a job opening but also through other portals and our own resource database to find the best-fit candidate for every job profile.

Help create a Positive Company Image

When making job offers to candidates, we present the company we are recruiting positive image to invite them to join. We try to portray the company in a positive light so that prospective candidates are more likely to sign up for the position with the organization. When a company tries to sell its products or services effectively to the candidates, it improves its image in front of a vast pool of interested people.