The Expert Solution for Your Business & Career in 2020!



Shiras HR Advisory and Services – The Expert Solution for Your Business & Career in 2020!

April 9, 2020

Shiras HR Advisory and Services is the top recruitment firm in Bangalore, India. It has been a commendable talent acquisition firm in the market that caters to the human capital for the corporate industry. It provides a qualitative human resource to various reputed companies offering the best recruitment solutions both to their client and the candidate. Shiras HR strongly believes in creating a strong manpower network and providing innovative business solutions to its clients. A team of expert professionals from the industry and a strong database, a strong updated market research plan to scrutinize the best eligible candidate for the profile are consistent efforts of the firm.

The recruitment firm has set up a trademark in the industry catering to sectors from various domains and verticals such as retail, real estate, education, manufacturing, hospitality, health care, IT, BPO, etc. With the advancement in technology and the rise for competitive market positions businesses, economies, companies are constantly looking for manpower that can support their goals, visions, and policies of their organization. Hence as we enter 2020 we need firms that can provide holistic 360-degree solutions that can incorporate the needs and point of view of all parties.

Shiras HR Advisory and Services is one such comprehensive firm that offers expert solutions for the companies it closely works with and also the job seekers or the potential candidates. For its clients, Shiras HR provides executive recruitment at the higher levels of the company. At times it becomes difficult for companies to find candidates for an experienced senior executive profile. Shiras HR not only helps companies to find a suitable candidate for the senior profiles but they also help experienced professionals who wanted to improve their career growth to achieve the highly reputed profiles in the industry. They not only provide executive recruitment services to the best companies but also provide services to start-ups and small and medium enterprises that are in search of executives in their business.

Permanent staffing is another aspect of Shiras HR, where they strongly focus on building long term relationships both with the clients and also the candidates. While conducting the recruitment process for the multinational and corporate companies the candidates are thoroughly scrutinize based on their experience, skills, qualifications that align with the purpose and vision of the company. Shiras has very few clients that connect with them for seeking candidates for a contractual period.

Bulk Hiring is another forte of Shiras HR; companies have multiple positions open for various profiles at times that urgently require manpower to full fill the business goals of the company. During such a crucial point of time, Shiras HR not only successfully conducts bulk-hiring for its client but also helps them to find the right candidate, even the process of bulk-hiring is planned, designed and executed in a highly professional way.

Shiras HR Advisory and Services is the best expert holistic solution provider, acting as a connecting platform between companies and potential job seekers, serving and catering business solutions and also the needs of the potential candidates.

Some of the key expert business solutions for its clients are

  • 1. Shiras caters to all kinds of clients for a varied job profile.
  • 2. Shiras works from the basic level of screening till the last round of interview, giving the clients the best of candidates.
  • 3. Shiras reduces the price for advertising, time involved in recruitment and workforce to filter out candidates.
  • 4. Shiras hire candidates in contract and also in bulk to meet the requirements of our clients.
  • 5. At Shiras, develops a practical and result-oriented methodology that caters to the requirements of its clients

Some of the key expert solutions for the candidates are

  • 1. Shiras help job seekers get the exposure of their most desired company and give them a chance to work if they stand legible.
  • 2. Shiras help cut-out a high quality professionally written CV so that candidates can sit back, relax and prepare for that interview.
  • 3. Shiras offers unrivaled LinkedIn profile creation services to help candidates build their brand professionally and open up a plethora of valuable job opportunities.
  • 4. Shiras has ace profile writers and brand experts on-board, who work directly with the candidates to make sure their LinkedIn profile is unique and optimized so that they can create networks and achieve their goals.
  • 5. It offers long term sustainable career growth opportunities to the candidates.

If you are a potential job seeker who has all it takes to face the challenges of the industry or if you are a company or a business who wants to solidify your position in the market and gain the best manpower resources, Shiras HR Advisory and Services is the expert solution all you need to ask for to achieve your professional goals in 2020!