Why should a B2B use Social Media?



Why should a B2B use Social Media?

Jan, 30 2018

For a successful B2B marketing strategy, your business needs to have a clear vision; it also requires identifying and defining the business’ audience after which you need to put forth the right content and campaigns and optimize the same for effective marketing of your business. Some of the popular types of B2B marketing content / campaign include blogs, search, whitepapers, social media, email, and videos, of which, social media is something that everyone uses these days. It is a platform where not just people connect but also consumers and marketers.

Although B2C companies have made their presence known on various social media, the B2B is lagging behind. As the B2B marketers do not sell their products or services directly to the average social media user who could very well be a consumer, the B2B industry believes that social media isn’t something for their business to bank on. This is certainly a myth, in fact, B2B companies can thrive and make the most of the social media platforms as an effective marketing strategy.

The Merits of Effective B2B Social Media Marketing

The B2B marketing challenges and trends this new year are basically digital-centric. It emphasizes the use of new-age powerful digital marketing tools like social media platforms for your B2B company to thrive and excel. The key to take your B2B business to new heights of growth and success is the effective promotion of your business. This means enhanced visibility requiring the use of the internet for promoting your B2B business.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are some of the effective social media networks that are great sources of not only bringing potential clients to your business but are great means of enhancing your online visibility by showcasing your business using the internet. For instance, LinkedIn is a social media network that enables you to connect your business with potential clients and partners furthering your B2B marketing. In fact, social media, in general, helps in Link Building for your B2B company when you implement it in an effective manner to gain valuable traffic which could be other businesses that are your potential leads.

New clients would become aware of your B2B business when you build your business' brand image using social media. When the visitors share your content and campaigns, new traffic is gained which would enhance your presence as a brand while garnering potential leads for your B2B business.

The problem areas to be tackled with for effective B2B marketing using social media

It is obvious that any social media platform is just that, a platform to introduce a business' services and products to consumers. It is the most effective means of building and promoting one's business as a brand. However, in contrast with B2C, the consumers for a B2B marketer are other businesses. Hence, the target businesses are your B2B’s target audience or consumers.

The first step towards a successful social media strategy for your B2B is understanding that you need a person who is a social media expert rather than a person having expertise in your B2B niche for handling the social media marketing (SMM) of your B2B. Most of the B2B already using social media for their B2B marketing who have failed are the ones who never got the primary step right. To generate the social buzz of your B2B it is essential to hire a B2B social media marketer who has the right knowledge of your business and who is also someone who knows how the social media works.

B2B's that haven't successfully made use of social media as the marketing platform often hire someone who knows the social media functions but lacks the knowledge of creating a social media movement. Because social media is not confined to posting Twitter updates or updating your Business’ Facebook status, it is more than that as it also involves developing and building your brand name. Hiring the right kind of social media expert or a digital marketer for your B2B who will be accoutered to create the buzz and just the right social media movement not confined to generating leads but also for building your business as a brand or to creating your Business’ identity and expanding its reach.

B2B Marketing and B2B Social Media Marketing

Even though B2B marketing differs from B2C marketing, it is essential to realize as a B2B marketer that a successful strategy is to not present your business or brand in an overly formal manner. Establishing that connection with your client is important to gain that extra edge over your competitor which can be achieved with effective B2B social media marketing. The key is to support your B2B social media with content marketing. In fact, a successful social media campaign is synonymous to a successful content marketing.

As any other B2B marketing strategy which is effective, social media marketing of B2B business must be conversational, contextually relevant while being targeted to the defined audience. Irrespective of the scale of your B2B business, it is essential to have the right social media marketer for effective B2B social media marketing. Seek the right B2B consultancy for hiring new talents for your B2B company to thrive and excel.