The Role of HR in Employee Experience



The Role of HR in Employee Experience: Ways to Encourage Positivity in the Workplace

NOV 22, 2021

The Role of HR in Employee Experience: Ways to Encourage Positivity in the Workplace

A business runs on the productivity and performance of its employees and an organization that provides a positive environment for employer enjoys their optimum productivity. It is similar to a two-way street: while employees agree on the usage of their talents and skills for the benefit of the organization; they expect the organization to take care of their needs and provide them a positive environment to utilize their skills. There is a great saying by the eminent Business Leader Douglas Conant

“To win the Marketplace, you must first win the workplace”

True to every meaning, who would not like to feel optimistic at work! Encouraging positivity at workplace has many undeniable benefits, however, the primary three are

  • • Reduces Employee Stress
  • • Boosts energy of the employees
  • • Encourages them to unleash their optimum productivity

Apart from the other roles of hiring and onboarding employees, one of the primary responsibility of the HR managers to induce positivity in the workplace. Here we have listed some suggestions for HR managers how they can make workplace more positive.

Inducing comfortable and ergonomic workspace

Employees spend a major part of their day on their workstations, hence a workplace a should be such that it makes the employees feel at home. Employee friendly ergonomics not only provides physical comfort, it also elevates their cognitive and psychological characteristics. Offices that are disruptive hinder the creativity of the employees. A workstation with adjustable desks and chair along with well-positioned desktops will correct their posture and alleviate aches and promote focus.

Conduct Employee Survey and Implement their Feedback

An important step of creating a positive workplace is to ask the employees how they feel about the organization. Conduct surveys at regular intervals; consider asking questions like:

  • • How happy you are at work?
  • • Is your work utilizing your full talents?
  • • Are you feeling recognized at work?
  • • Is the work environment suitable for you?

Employee surveys gives you an idea if employees are facing any resentment. However, if your organization does not have similar policies try to identify if there are any negativities in the organization and solve them at the earliest.

Focus on employee Wellness

They say “A healthy mind rests in a health body”, so it is necessary to keep your employees fit and healthy if you wish to make workplace positive. Arrange for health camps or health benefits schemes for your employees. Exercise is an integral part of physical wellness, additionally, it releases endorphins in body that boosts creativity. Hence make provision for on-office workout or start workout initiatives which employees can start at home. Apart from physical wellness, mental wellness is also an important aspect of overall employee wellness, necessary for creating a positive work culture. You can think of arranging for counselling sessions to help employee maintain a better work-life balance and be happy at work.

Encourage cultural diversity, collaboration and communication

A survey by McKinsey & Company, revealed that organizations that encourage cultural diversity, collaboration and communication see 60% to 200% higher returns to their investors. Try to celebrate cultural diversities. Initiate collaboration and communication among teams; team lunches, family days or town hall can be great aids in nurturing communication among employees.

It is undeniable that inducing positivity in workplace will bring out the best out of your employees. For employees too it becomes fun to come to office and contribute the maximum to the employer. These are only some ideas, you can be more creative and think of more innovative ways!