Tips to identify a good HR Recruitment Consultancy



The best HR recruitment consultancy for your company

May, 16 2019

A lot is at stake for your company when it comes to hiring a recruiting agency as it requires more than your gut instinct to trust one. Your decision while hiring a good HR recruitment consultancy will influence the growth and development of your company in the long run as they provide the best talents who play a major role in the progress of your business. And with hundreds of B2B services near you specializing in recruitment, choosing the one that would provide good results could be a tough decision you make.

The primary step to hiring a recruiting consultancy is to seek proposals from multiple vendors to compare. While shortlisting the firms, conduct thorough research, understand and note down their terms, their average time to source; price, interview rate, references from customers, etc., And by doing this you will certainly increase your quality of hire while mitigating the risks of hiring bad talents. Shortlisting the HR recruitment consultancies will frame the evaluation process of a potential agency aiding you in further determining the ROI of your firm’s talent acquisition expenditure.

Pointers to consider while hiring a potential HR recruitment consultant

Understanding the terms of the recruitment agencies is very important to narrow down the potential consultancy. Typically, there are two categories of HR recruitment consultancies – retained and contingent. If your company wants end-to-end recruitment service that is right from sourcing, screening, to shortlisting, a retained agency is your best bet. However, opting for a retained agency would require to trust in their work; when you want more people to interview, you need to go with a contingent agency.

The cost involved or the charges of the recruitment consultancy is a primary factor of consideration. For instance, most often, many of the B2B consultancies charge 15 to 20% of the candidates first year’s take-home salary. This is, in fact, a very high fee and you need to be certain that you retain the candidate once hired to avoid investing in another. However, some of the reliable consultancies will provide you with a reasonable price with the added benefit of having hired the best candidate.

The consultancy must provide you with strong candidates who are likely to be hired after interviews. If they burden you with weak leads, the agency is not the right one for your company. You can easily pick out the best consultancy by opting for retained agencies who are likely to provide strong candidates in contrast to contingent firms that provide a blend of strong and weak leads.

How to spot a bad recruitment agency

While you seek for the best in the industry, it is also imperative to watch out for the bad apples. By gaining an understanding of spotting the bad recruitment agency, you will not only save your time but also your money. Some of the bad recruitment practices adopted by the agency can be your cue of avoiding such firms. Is there a hidden fee involved? If the agency is attempting to charge you additionally apart from the negotiated charges. It is a clear indication of an agency bad practice. When such is the case, you must stay away from such recruitment agencies and avoid signing binding contracts with them. This indicator can be used by job seeking candidates relying on the consultancies for job opportunities as well. The company that hires candidates pays the recruitment charges. But when the agency charges both the company and the candidate, it is deemed to be a bad recruitment agency.

Not all are bad out there

It is imperative for you to understand that not all agencies are bad. By following the simple tips mentioned-above you can spot the right recruitment agency for hiring the best talents possible. Seeking proposals from multiple agencies is very important to be certain that you are getting the best deal in the run. Whether it is the ideal pricing or the quality of the hire, a lot is at stake considering the reputation of the consultancy which they have garnered over time. Meet or contact other businesses who have sought their aid and understand what they have to say about the recruitment firms. This by a long shot will ease your worry of choosing the reliable agency for hiring the best talents for the growth of your company.