The Unconventional Approach of Top Executive Search Firms in Talent Hunting



The Unconventional Approach of Top Executive Search Firms in Talent Hunting

Sep, 04 2023

Do you know that several organisations outsource their recruitment processes to top executive search firms these days?

As these leading executive search firms possess in-depth knowledge about the market and industry trends, they source the candidates that best fit the requirements of the organisations. Therefore, corporate firms collaborate with recruitment firms to hire top talent for the business. Moreover, these executive search firms have extensive professional networks that help them tap into their vast candidate databases and find the most suitable candidates for their client organisations.

But have you ever wondered how these top executive search firms hunt for the appropriate talent for their clients? These executive firms employ different methods of recruitment to discover and hire the best talent for top corporations. We have listed some of the unconventional approaches adopted by these top executive search firms to hunt for the appropriate talent:

Emphasis on Smartphone Recruitment

It is a no-brainer that most people search for jobs online using their mobile phones. The majority of job seekers and employers often communicate about their hiring needs on online applications such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Naukri.com, and others. Therefore, recruiters use a mobile-friendly recruitment process that facilitates and streamlines the recruiting process by making it easier for prospective candidates to find their job ads and reach out to these executive search firms. The recruiters optimise their website for mobile usage, provide clear-cut instructions on the job description, and make use of analytics to keep track of the mobile traffic. Sometimes they also push customised notifications and newsletters to keep their potential candidates informed about the hiring process.

Practicing Video Interviewing

These days, video interviewing has emerged as an unconventional recruitment strategy for executive search firms. This software option helps them hire candidates more effectively and efficiently. By facilitating video interviews, the recruiters allow both the candidates and interviewers to interact with each other in real time from anywhere. Video interviewing offers great benefits, such as helping firms find suitable candidates to work remotely, thereby saving a lot of time and effort when compared to traditional recruitment methods. Additionally, these recruiters also use some intelligent video technology to record and analyse eye movements, facial expressions, body language, and verbal responses. Using these techniques, recruiters can predict a candidate’s success rate in their future job.

The Art of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising uses sophisticated algorithms to implement in-depth analytics and valuable data to target the right candidates. With the help of strategies such as targeted job ads and campaign optimisations, programmatic job advertising allows recruiters to purchase, publish, and optimise their job ads with the help of specific recruiting software. This automatic advertising tool also uses smart technology such as big data to navigate across several platforms, people, jobs, etc. to place the right job ad on the right platform. Since this entire system is automated, recruiters can easily create a job posting ad and let the software monitor the complex algorithms on the back end while focusing on other important tasks.

Focusing on Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are professionals who are employed or are not actively seeking any job opportunity; however, they may accept a new opportunity that comes their way. Generally, passive candidates are satisfied with their current jobs, and recruiting them may require more effort. Recruiters usually segregate these candidates and reserve them for top leadership positions, as they are usually very skilled and experts in their job roles. In order to increase their database of passive candidates, the recruiters use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to connect with them. They also use email and text messages to keep in touch with these potential candidates and update them about new openings. Active engagement through different modes of communication helps the recruiters to stay on the radar of these passive candidates and can close top positions for client organisations when the right opportunity kicks in.

Way Forward

The practice of outsourcing recruitment processes to top executive search firms has become a strategic choice for many organisations. These firms bring years of expertise, industry experience, and extensive networks to the table, thus making them indispensable partners in identifying and attracting top-tier talent. Their unconventional approaches to talent acquisition, such as programmatic advertising, video interviewing, passive candidates, and smartphone recruitment, further underscore the commitment to finding the right candidates for the clients.