What are the Advantages of Using a Temporary Staffing Service



What are the Advantages of Using a Temporary Staffing Service

July, 24 2023

What are the advantages of using a temporary staffing service?

A survey by McKinsey observed that 58% of companies use temporary staffing to access skills that are not internally available.

Moreover, McKinsey also believes that 92% of companies prefer temporary staffing because it helps companies manage labour fluctuations and maintain workforce flexibility. A study by the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) showed that the temporary staffing requirement has increased significantly since the pandemic.

As businesses seek cost-effective ways to manage market fluctuations, temporary staffing has come to their rescue. The rise of the gig economy and online freelance platforms post-COVID has also impacted the temporary staffing landscape significantly. The most interesting fact is that temporary staffing is not used to hire low-skilled or short-term positions but for high-skilled roles where specialised knowledge and expertise are required. Many big companies and even start-ups are turning to temporary staffing to meet their recruitment needs.

Temporary staffing offers a plethora of benefits to businesses, from flexibility and cost-effectiveness to having access to a larger talent pool with diverse hiring options. We have listed the fundamental reasons that make the concept of temporary staffing the talk of the town!

Hiring Flexibility

Temporary staffing provides businesses with the agility to adjust their workforce to match evolving needs. For instance, companies handling substantial projects find significant assistance in temporary workers, who offer additional manpower support. Once the project concludes, businesses can seamlessly manage resource allocation without worries. During peak work demand, temporary workers can quickly be brought in, and when the need subsides, their contracts can be terminated. Likewise, in times of project completion or market downturn, businesses can downsize temporary staff without resorting to layoffs or terminations.

Increased Time and Cost Savings

If businesses engage a temporary staffing service, they can save our business significant time and costs. Outsourcing the requirement to a temporary staffing agency allows the businesses to save time by letting them take on the responsibility of sourcing, screening, and evaluating candidates. As these agencies already have a pool of pre-screened candidates, it helps us bypass the initial stages of recruitment. Additionally, these businesses can also save on overhead costs associated with advertising job vacancies, conducting interviews, and performing background checks, which are otherwise typically covered by the staffing agency.

Reduced Training Costs

Organisations often invest significant time and energy in training new employees. However, with temporary hires serving short-term assignments, their training periods are briefer. The advantage of shorter training tenures is that the company avoids investing in extensive onboarding and long-term skill development. Consequently, this saves valuable business time and resources that would otherwise be expended on comprehensive training programmes for new permanent hires.

Trial Period for Permanent Hires

On numerous occasions, businesses may experience a sense that the hiring decision was incorrect. This might arise due to a mismatch between the employee's skill levels and business expectations, or it could be attributed to issues concerning their work ethics. Therefore, rather than channelling all efforts into hiring and training the wrong resource, businesses hire temporary employees who can meet the organisational culture and expectations.

Diverse Talent Pool

Temporary staffing agencies maintain a database of candidates with diverse skills and expertise. By having a diverse pool of talent, temporary staffing agencies can fill a position quickly, tap into their network and find suitable candidates without going through a lengthy hiring process. The agency assesses the qualifications and capabilities of these candidates, making it easier for the organisations to find the right candidate. Therefore, by leveraging their services, businesses can benefit from a more diverse workforce for organisational success.

Way Forward

To conclude, we can say that temporary staffing services offer significant advantages to organisations worldwide. These staffing agencies provide hiring flexibility, time and cost savings, reduced training expenses, and the opportunity to assess potential permanent hires through a trial period. Besides these benefits, temporary staffing services also grant access to a diverse talent pool, fostering inclusivity and enhancing organisational success. By embracing temporary staffing, businesses can adapt efficiently to market fluctuations and optimise the workforce for continued growth and success.