Artificial Intelligence and the Impact of AI in Human Resources

August 08, 2017

John McCarthy, Father of Artificial Intelligence, coined the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the very first time in the year 1955. He said that AI is the science and engineering of developing smart machines, particularly, intelligent computer programs.

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of computer science, psychology, mathematics, linguistics, and engineering. An immense amount of time can be saved with the help of AI. Today, AI is used in almost every other field to ease the work pressure.

For decades, Artificial Intelligence has been a compelling topic for science fiction. But today, many scientists believe that we are on the track to make AI a reality.

How AI helps in improving the work process?

Every day at work, employees are made to do monotonous work which takes a huge amount of their time. Artificial Intelligence can make these monotonous tasks much easier by providing automated solutions to an endless number of tasks thus saving the valuable time of employees.

It is a false belief that AI consists of robots that will replace humans in the job force and ultimately turn on their creators effectively ending civilization. This is absolutely not true, instead, it is simply the replication of human action and learning by the machines.

Now when it comes to Human Resources, Artificial Intelligence takes it to a whole new level. It is mechanizing an enormous amount of task that the employees are doing on a daily basis to improve their work-process. The Human Resource sector is a major benefactor of this.

Future of Human Resources when AI comes into play

As Wikipedia says, Human Resources are the group of people who add skills and workforce to an organization. But it’s not just that. A good HR team should be supported by a strong digital marketing team as well.

As we all know, Digital Marketing is an assortment of website creation, content marketing, lead generation, e-mail marketing, SEO, Social Media and a lot more minute set of things.

Now, what will happen if we bring Artificial Intelligence and HR together?

Having AI assistants will be a big game-changer for HR. Mostly because some tasks of the HR are highly repetitive and consumes a huge amount of time. Tasks such as form-filling, answering questions, gathering feedback, login data, scheduling candidates to meet different teams etc. will help the team in achieving a higher level of work which leads to larger goals. A large number of HR professionals have admitted that most of their days were consumed with such administrative jobs. All these tasks are necessary but also time-consuming as well. So if we were to bring the power of AI into this, it will be a lot more productive.

Below given are some of the tasks that can be automated with the help of AI assistants.

  • ◆ A bot (automated software applications that range from very simple to highly sophisticated) can send you a report of how many candidates you have interviewed, how many managers are waiting for approval for their next hiring etc.
  • ◆ It also can gather and send someone a brief sheeting before an important meeting.
  • ◆ It also can gather and send someone a brief sheeting before an important meeting.

It goes without saying that Human Resource is a nerve center of information for the entire organization. Unlike other bots i.e., engineering, sales, and marketing which are team specific, HR bots add value to each and every person in an organization.

Imagine if we had bot assistants that have a thorough understanding of the company policies and legal structures that serve as the go-to resource for employee queries and what if there are bots that can track employee growth & development, and help in reviewing and training the employees.

Perhaps in a short span of time, these bots could eliminate human resource personnel, by eliminating busy back-office work and yes, we can see both humans and bots working side by side in the near future. But, even though if bots come into existence, the need for HR professionals cannot be nullified because HR is not just taking care of repetitive tasks. HR is more than that. Also, we are already seeing glimpses of the power of artificial intelligence in human resource. Probably in the coming generations we can see a whole new level of functioning by the organizations with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence into Human Resources can make the workspace more vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic.

Artificial Intelligence – Literally Everywhere!

Needless to say, Human Resource is not the only field which makes use of AI. The sales team of an organization can make use of bots to collect and communicate with leads. And by doing this, the organizations can easily recognize their potential customers and convert them into buyers. Marketing, Finance, Project management, Customer Service etc. are other significant fields where the power of Artificial Intelligence can be used and are probably in use now.

To conclude with, the ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence is to make the computers as intelligent as human beings or may be more.