5 Best Practices in Recruitment and Selection Process



5 Best Practices in Recruitment and Selection Process

May 22, 2018

Recruitment is a very a strenuous job as it requires a lot of tact and patience. One has to understand the seriousness of recruitment as time, money and effort cannot be wasted. The organization invests a lot of it and so, it very important to get the best of resources in the market. There are many recruitment services in Bangalore that can be availed and gives a great relief in this area. The process can be a lot easier and time-saving if you have a set of guidelines to follow. Here are some of the tips that you might find helpful while recruiting

Create an agenda of the organization’s future prospects

Having a long-term picture of your organization’s growth gives you a clear picture of what is required. Build a list of the kind of resources your organization would require to achieve those goals. This helps in identifying the profiles necessary in your employees.

Create the job profile

To hire the right person, you need to create and refer to the right job description. You must first have a good idea about what the position is, its needs and characteristics, the type of standards it goes by, its work ethics and boundaries and the its role in the overall picture of the organization. Once these standards are clear, you can go ahead with the recruiting.

Plan a hiring process

The hiring process is a set of guidelines and a checklist used during the recruitment. That includes conversational skills, background checks, assessments, interviews, and screening which will help direct the recruitment and selection process.

Bring in the Talent Acquisition Manager

A single technique is not enough to gather up the specific skills of the employee. So, with the help of the Talent Acquisition Manager, use techniques and simple tasks to gauge their strengths. Getting a Talent Acquisition Manager on-board helps in foreseeing the performance of the employee.

Make the match

Once the employee is in, draw a chart as to what skills are at hand and where they need to be matched in the organization. See what demands are to be met in each role and accommodate the employee accordingly, using their specific skills.

Having these simple guidelines in place and tagging with a HR Advisory Services in Bangalore, can save you a lot of time and energy and can be very helpful. One of the best firms that offer recruitment services in Bangalore is Shiras HR Advisory and Services. They help you make the necessary decisions using potential to the highest. However, one thing is to be kept in mind - by being professional in all these levels, you can be assured that the right candidate has arrived at your doorstep.