Best Recruitment Trends That Dominate in 2018

Best Recruitment Trends That Dominate in 2018

July, 9 2018

The recruitment professionals have a lot of groundwork before they put their plan to work. At any given time, it is imperative that recruiters and hiring managers must remain competitive, relevant and socially aware for better recruiting. There are many techniques, methods and ways in which they enhance their procedure. Here are some of the recruitment trends that dominate 2018.

People Analytics

People analytics is the application of research, statistics, insights and overview into the organization’s talent team to help make better decisions regarding potential employees and existing employees. This helps them to understand and make the best use of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing and potential talent in the organization. It enables them to improve the efficiency of their recruitment process. HR Services in Bangalore today are not behind in using this technique.

Role of Artificial Intelligence

The implementation of AI-enabled chatbots, for example, through the automation of common tasks, helps hiring managers make informed workforce decisions by eliminating low productivity tasks.

Recruiting using social media

Social media recruitment is a very famous trend that is here to stay. Today’s set of potential employees are very active on social media. Staying in the loop, that is being aware of current social media trends, greatly help recruiters on capturing this set of talent.

Maintain Employee Wellness

The recent set of employees, by default subtly demand perks apart from their basic pay package, which includes, flexible work timings, work-from-home facility, and company wellness programs. Making these available can help rope in a larger and better talent pool.

Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are those who are currently employed and not looking for a new opportunity, but would be interested if offered better or different opportunities. Attracting passive candidates, through promoting the brand using digital marketing techniques and social media helps in identifying these passive candidates. Executive Search Firms are all working smart to pick out those hidden talents.

Most Top Recruitment Consultants in Bengaluru are often seen ticking these trends off their list and staying up to date. What is the outcome? Being in the race and following these trends will definitely help in building a better recruitment strategy and make those potential candidates one's own.