Future of Recruitment Agencies in Digital



Future of Recruitment Agencies in Digital

Sep, 03 2018

The world is spinning at the speed of light with digitalization and automation increasingly gripping almost all the areas of human life. Many sectors and industries have embraced the benefits of technology. The recruitment industry is not left behind in this run for the best use of digital means. Automation has become the hype among recruitment agencies as they are increasingly adopting ways and means to reach out and capture relevant talent. And recruitment agencies in India have not been hesitant at all to fall in line with the choices of their global counterparts.

Even if the process of automation is picking up, many traditional methods are being replaced. Those who have used improved digital methods are testifying that there has been an increase in the quality of recruitment, relevant talent has been acquired, time is saved, costs are cut down, and many even say that lesser issues are faced than with the use of traditional methods. In short, efficiency has risen drastically bringing in the light for others to model the same. Artificial Intelligence - AI in Human Resources and management, is not a new direction taken anymore.

The use of various applications and software have been shaping the path of recruiting. Recruiters are using the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is designed to collect and scan the applications received through automation. They are sorted out which saves a lot of time in selecting the desired profiles from the huge number received. This system is can be set to the needs, requirements, and past hiring patterns of the organization, which in turn shortlists candidates accordingly.

Chatbots and live digital interviews are now stepping in as the new trends in automation in recruiting. Recruitment agencies in Bangalore and around the country are slowly adopting these means to make their work more efficient. Chatbots help in carrying out initial interviews before shortlisting candidates. Live digital interviews help save time, as well as screen candidates online who may not be able to present themselves in person. This also creates a new wave of recruiting showing off how forward the recruiters are in their approach.

AI also involves the use of Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), to help better candidate experience and communication. Through AI, social networks are scanned before calling in candidates for an interview to decide if their social interaction is positively directed, i.e., to avoid criminal, or aggressive individuals and check their credentials.

Another advantage of using automated systems is that it helps recruiters identify and track passive job seekers who are drawn in through personalized emails. This greatly increases the catch of deserving and appropriate talent that is often lost or hidden from the view of recruiters no matter how hard they try to find that potential. Even applicants and candidates are finding it easier to connect with the recruiters and companies in a convenient manner.

Automation has also become a great advantage to many small, medium, large scale and even startup companies, which they use within their in-house recruitment team. The cost-effective and efficient ways are definitely helping many recruitment agencies finding appropriate and top-notch candidates to hire. The future of recruitment through digitalization is improving work as a whole.