How HR Departments Can Do More by Doing Less



How HR Departments Can Do More by Doing Less

April 30, 2018

Talking about Human Resources (HR), they are the ones who manage the daily functions of the organisation. They do everything that is related to the employees. Unfortunately, many whispers say that not a lot of work and energy goes into their HR activities.


The HR Department has to manage anything and everything of a company. They have to put their strategic skills, time and commitments to build the value of the company. Being the face, it is important and critical to be the talent-driven team for a company.

However, over the years, the tasks of the HR is being outsourced by the external specialists. They effectively execute the company’s mission by providing services as a responsible service provider.

It is now a matter that is being accelerated whether companies can do more by doing less. With technologies setting in, many companies are opting for robots rather than have an entire HR department to manage the functions of the company.

If you are reading this to know how whether your Human Resources department can do more by doing less, follow these three steps

Identify The Job Roles

For a company, it is important to know what the role and responsibilities are, especially, for the HR department. You need to first go by the traditional way of writing the strategic roles for an HR. Highlight the points that will increase the brand and the overall mission of the company. It is important to focus on how important the Human Resource department is and let go of ideas and people who do not benefit your company.

Spot The Functions To Be Outsourced

To know what areas of HR should be outsourced is a major query here. You need to find out the functions that will be assisted by the outsourcing company. There are many companies like Shiras HR Advisory and Services that provides staffing services and plays as a recruitment advisor for its clients. As you draw a clear picture here, you should not miss out on the complicated functions that could be outsourced. Once you have figured the areas of outsourcing, you can strategise the upgradation to whether your requirements need an HR consultancy or can meet the latest technology to have a robot

Acquire a Robot or an Outsourcing Company

First, talking about Outsourcing companies, they are one of the best consultancies and service providers who would cater to all the areas where your company needs assistance. This consultancy in would look for assistance in handling the recruitment of your company and surveying employees and providing regular training.

But, in time there will be robots who could do the functions which you would want to outsource, like Chatbot. Starting from collecting information to assessing candidates and giving the new employees a rigorous training, Chatbot would do all the mundane tasks that the Human Resource professionals do.

The ever-growing technology will soon replace the HR department, and will handle the everyday function of the HR department. There would be bots employed to do a more sophisticated job and replace human resource.

This will eventually give humans less of resources and more of work. If you want to have more assistance on this, do visit our website.