How does Passive Recruiting Help?



How does Passive Recruiting Help?

Oct, 15 2018

A tree cannot bear fruit in a day, it takes years. A bird doesn’t build a nest in a few hours it might take a few days. Likewise, you cannot expect to fill in vacancies with quality candidates as and when they fall vacant. Most people think that recruitment happens only when there is a need but recruitment is an ongoing process. There is a lot of work that must go on under the surface, for the result to show on the outside. This can be called passive recruiting.

Reactive Recruitment

Many recruiters jump into reactive recruiting only when someone in the company resigns or a new position is created. Reactive recruiting is where profiles of fresh candidates are looked into, only when there is a vacancy. This often leaves us with very less time, which leads to pouring in a lot of time and energy only to recruit an average candidate. This is why effective recruitment is so important and is followed by most smart recruitment consultancies today.

The key is that looking for a potential candidate only when there is a need is not really as rewarding as it seems. There are many other recruiters looking for such candidates too, and you might just lose them when you aren’t actively pursuing them. So, if you are ready with a set of profiles, neatly analyzed and sorted out, isn’t it easier to just sift through them and make a pick when you need them?

Recruitment and Selection Policies

Begin by reviewing and revamping your recruitment and selection policies. A good set of such policies will tell you where you stand as a firm and know what your priorities in recruitment are. Here are 5 Reasons You Need a Recruitment and Selection Policy to help you start right. When you don’t have much work on your hand, these little tasks can be planned.

Tips for Passive Recruitment

Simple tips that you can start using for passive recruiting are building good and consistent networks and staying abreast with the current trends in your market and target talent. For this, you need to know yourself well – your company, its stand in the market, and its requirements. That way you are aware of your present and future employment needs. Use these Best Guidelines to Recruitment and Selection for a better plan. This way, you will have a clarity on specific potential candidates through Building a Candidate’s Persona.

Social media platforms are a great way to keep in touch with your target talent. Keep an eye on who ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ your pages or profiles and engage with them regularly. While engaging with them, online or offline, dig out relevant information regarding their work history, preferences, references, etc. But be sure that you don’t spam or stalk any candidates you are interested in. Forge relationships with trust and confidence.

In case you need a larger talent pool at once, use the help of recruitment consultancies and Top Efficient Practices for Bulk Hiring Recruitment which will grant you a greater talent reach at one stretch. Bulk hiring will also give space for effective recruitment as you will download many a data that you can go back to frequently and keep in touch.

This is an everyday process, which requires you to be honest and open to listening to your target candidates’ possible concerns and expectations. This way, you can work on them (or do your homework) and when the time is right, strike the iron. So, when the day comes when an unlikely employee walks out the door, you can welcome in your already scanned candidate positively. It takes time, but it’s worth your time in the end.