How to Find a Job (Effortlessly)?



How to Find a Job (Effortlessly)?

Sep, 24 2018

You're at the starting line of your career. Or you just want to shift your track. Or you have ended your employment with a previous firm. But how do you get a new (or another) job, quickly and with little effort? Finding a job is all about approaching the right sources at the right time. Applying directly to pre-selected companies may be time-consuming. So, keep other options open in case they respond in the negative. Here are the most common and effective ways to find a job.

But before you begin, fine-tune your mind to what you are looking for. Figure out what type of job you want and in which industry, your strengths, and salary and other preferences. Then, keep a crisp, updated resume ready to upload or mail in. Also, it is important that you update your resume from time to time. You may use these Tips for Writing a Resume and find yours picked soon enough.


This is the easiest and quite effective way of spotting an opening or letting an employer know that you are available. Inform or ask people you know (preferably informally) that you are looking for an employment. Family, friends, ex-colleagues, and anybody you personally know to fall under your network. Literally, anybody can be a bridge between a hiring company and you because different people have different contacts. So, it’s like a chain where you ask a friend, who asks another, who may be working at a company that is currently looking out for someone. These may even turn out to become referrals that may help you land in the job sooner.

Job Boards

These are basically various platforms that help you find numerous recruiters and make yourself visible to them. They will usually have an updated database of a list of jobs available. To register on one, you simply have to create an account, give your contact details, and hand in a copy of your latest resume. Then, you will receive notifications and advertisements regularly. Today, they have found themselves as online job portals and are increasingly developing a close bond with social media. So, if you are quite active on social media, it is easier and beneficial to you.

Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great opportunity to meet with hirers’ direct recruiters. Many companies and job-seekers get to meet with each other, interact, and even conduct interviews on-spot. Job portals are usually those who conduct these fairs, so it is helpful to register with them. The chances of getting hired right there are high. You have the advantage of interacting with many companies at once and give in your interviews, possibly on the same day. Or, they might just ask you to drop in your resume and other details and contact you at a later time, which is still; good enough. But, be sure to be prepared well enough, so you’ll know How to get a job?

Recruiting Agencies

Although you can hunt down jobs on your own, professionals are there for a reason. Recruiting agencies are neck-deep into the hiring business. To put it across plainly, they know in and out about hiring, recruiting, and selecting candidates. They play a very significant role in helping job-seekers connect with job-givers. Register with such job consultancies along with your resume and job preferences. You can also try to tag with an agency that is specialized in certain industries. However, be sure to locate one which is competent enough. There are many smart Tips for Selecting the Right Recruitment Agency for You.

Alumni Associations

Leaving college or school may not really end all your contact with them. Alumni associations do a great deal in not only connecting you with your past classmates (who will be placed in a variety of industries) but also with your super seniors who would be quite established by now. They even hold contacts with job consultancies through campus recruitment drives. So, get in touch with them and possibly attend their frequent and regular meetings for a consistent and quick tapering down of available jobs.

Having all the sources is as simple as being willing to explore and connect with different people around you. It is advisable that you use not one or two, but a combination of these sources that’ll help you find many jobs to choose from and to ensure a faster find.