How to get yourself to say, "I got the job!"



How to get yourself to say, "I got the job!"

Oct, 03 2018

So, you’ve landed yourself with a call for an interview from a pretty decent place, which you had applied for. Well, you’re halfway there, but you still have the latter half to complete. You’ve decided to go for it, and it’s a chance you wouldn’t want to miss needlessly. Why don’t you keep these points handy while you go about preparing for it? And if you haven’t already applied to any job in the first place, and want to, you can start by reading on How to find a job?

Carry a Crisp Resume

Yes, you've probably sent in your resume to your potential employer, but that doesn’t excuse you from carrying one more while you head out for the interview. Make sure you carry multiple copies (of the same resume). Proofread for typos, errors in your details, and your contact details. Make sure that you use some good Tips for Writing a Resume that is crisp and clear.

Read up about the company

It is imperative that you find out about the company and the industry it is related to. If possible write down questions that you might want to ask about how their firm functions – because knowing something shows that you do have interest. You wouldn’t want to find yourself staring blankly if a question regarding their recent sales increase or decrease is asked. Some basic, general information, preferably related to your job profile, is a must for you to have before you step into the room to meet with your interviewer. A simple tactic is to read up on a jobs page where you’ll find the company and its competitors, giving you an idea.

Clothing Etiquette

How you dress for an interview speaks volumes on the interest, availability, planning, and respect you have for the job you are trying to get. Clothing etiquette is a vast section to focus on, as the world is filled with a variety of cultures, communities, values, ethics, and even climatic conditions that hugely influence our every day and work attire. But there are standard guidelines that you can easily apply anywhere in the world. The first thing that should be your area of concern, is that you should be comfortable in what you wear. Simply, because you will be in those clothes for nearly half a day! But hold on, don’t push the comfort factor too much, because there are other factors that go along too. Wear something that is not flashy or attention-seeking. Avoid bling jewelry and belts, noisy footwear, and keep hair and facial hear neat. Always stick to pleasant colors. In short, keep it simple.

Interview questions

Facing those deadly questions may be considered the most tensed part of finding and securing a job. In fact, that is the most crucial part, in reality. Everybody wants to crack this phase the right way to ensure that they walk out with a bright smile of accomplishment. To do that, knowing what kind of questions will be asked and preparing for it beforehand, is the smartest way to face this situation. Look up a jobs page to find out the job profile you are looking at and what specific industry it is related to. Then, look up industry-specific related questions. But you need to be prepared to answer untoward questions too. Here are some HR Interview Questions that you should be ready for Interview, that’ll help you deal with really difficult and uncomfortable questions wisely.

Practice being confident

… But neither show under-confidence nor over-confidence. The above-mentioned tips all work only if you have a good amount of confidence. And anything less or more than that will seriously impact your chances of getting the offer (or appointment) letter. It is important that you incorporate confidence in everything that you do throughout the process of getting a job – and then maintain it to retain the job, and even go to a higher level. Begin by affirming to yourself that you are who you are irrespective of whether you get this job or not. Although you do sense butterflies in your tummy before, during, or even after an interview, it is not the end of the world.

So, be calm and composed – because the more comfortable you are, the better is the chance of the above-mentioned tips to work out. Everything is intertwined – meaning each of these tips heavily and directly influence each other. Remember, what shows on paper is proved with how you carry yourself through the interview. So, be warned of Mistakes people make while on a job hunt. If you diligently follow these tips, you won’t find yourself far from saying, "I got the job!"