Mistakes people make while on a job hunt



Mistakes people make while on a job hunt

January 08, 2017

It’s quite common to land on errors while on a job hunt. Even the slightest of the errors you make can cost you the job. Job hunting is all about being careful. You should be careful as to what you write and what not to write on your resume, your etiquette, the way you present yourself and a lot more things.

Below given are some of the most common mistakes that may derail the candidates while on a job hunt:

Including too much information on your resume: This is one of the most common of all. If the resume is filled with too much information, it will pretty much mess up your interview. Always make sure to include needed and important information on the resume. Especially while writing the objective part, make sure to keep it brief and simple. You don’t have to include your 20 years work experience or explain each & every accomplishment of yours.

Proofreading: Hopefully everyone knows that this is a serious mistake. Even though you’re a hundred times sure that you’ve not written any blunders in the resume or in the job documents, one final proofreading won’t take much time plus it will help you make sure that whatever you are about to submit is 100 percent error free. Typos will decrease your chances of getting the job.

Inappropriate dressing: Now this is very important. Make sure you dress in a fine manner and if needed make a research on what the employees usually wear in the company which you’re supposed to go for the interview. Dressing too informally will give a negative impression to the interview board.

Fake or bad referrals: Always make sure to have a set of referrals lined up and also be sure that those people whom you’ve mentioned in your referral list will have some really good things to talk about you. Do not ever submit fake referrals, in fact, do not try to be smarty-pants.

Trashing /bad-mouthing your previous job or boss: No matter how much you hate your previous job or boss, not a single word should you utter against them while giving an interview. This will only put you in trouble. Because if you trash your previous employer, chances are higher that you’ll do the same with the current employer too, at least that is what the employer thinks.

Don’t say things which you’re not supposed to: You may be desperate in getting a job but never ever use phrases like, "I want this job so badly" "Please select me, I will do the best”, etc. this creates a bad impression. Also when the employer asks you, why they should hire you, you are not supposed to explain your long list of skills. What the employer really wants to hear is, what actually you can contribute to their company, nothing more, nothing less. Also, you shouldn’t be the first person to bring up the money matter i.e., about the salary package, let the employer bring up this topic, until then just be patient.

Not preparing for the Job Interview: This can be called as a grave mistake. The goal of any job is to get short-listed for the final round of interviews. Whenever you’re lined up to give an interview, make sure that you are well-prepared. Read and understand about the company you are supposed to give the interview. Walking into an interview room unprepared is definitely one of the reasons why you are jobless until now.

Job Descriptions: What do you look at in a job description? Most people will just scroll through the eligibility criteria and skills required for the job but wait, there’s a lot more to it. Understanding the job description is essential so that you can represent yourself in a better way and tailor your resume with keywords related to the job description. So next time ensure that you go through the entire job description and not just a part of it.

Job search is limited to online platforms: Today most of us rely on online job portals for job searches and we have to agree the fact that such portals have made the task much easier for job seekers. But it is better you widen your scope of job search by maybe visiting the companies and dropping your application so that they can consider you when an opening arises.

Looking for a job can be intimidating as the competition is becoming tougher these days. Everybody wants to get shortlisted for that job where the vacancies are less and the applicants are more. There are hundreds and thousands of individuals graduating each day and the game gets bigger and tougher.

But apparently, if you keep the above points in mind, chances are higher that you grab your dream job.

Good luck!