Reasons Your Performance Appraisals Don't Work



Reasons Your Performance Appraisals Don't Work

April 23, 2018

Performance appraisals have always been defamed by the corporate houses for some reason that no one knows about. Even then, most of the companies still use this in their respective companies.

If you think the analysis gives the accurate information, then you are wrong!

Study shows that most of the annual performance inspection do not reveal the actual work done by the employees. They fail to show the factual result, providing half of it to be assumed and misinterpreted. So, if there are flaws in this feedback system, why does the corporate world still uses it

Let’s find out and give the corporate world a good reason to discontinue following the annual performance appraisals:

Performance Is Reviewed Once A Year

Today, every employee wants to have a regular performance appraisal and would want to know about the management views related to their work. Having once a year performance appraisal does not improve their work productivity. It turns out to be ineffective and meaningless. A lot of employees do want to be judged on what they have been doing during the past 12 months and not to be reviewed on their current working status. Thus, annual performance appraisal is not justified by doing once a year but it should be done regularly, every single day by the corporates.

Traditional Scoring System

When your managers get a sheet from the HR department to mark you on your skills and performance, those 1 to 5 number scales look too random when seen through. Usually, it is done randomly and all the achievements and the positive points about you comes down to the minor numbers. Some might even forget a major change you gave the company 8 months ago and may get a poor review because of this traditional marking system. Moreover, these numbers also lead to poor appraisals which no one would want to be given after giving the company more than required.

Lack of Updated Goals

When an employee joins the company, a complete goal for him is being discussed. As the business keeps changing, so does its goals. Now, the employee is judged based on current goals and not on those discussed with him in the initial days of his employment. Some might forget what was said to him on the first day on which he might be asked about later– all of this does not sound appropriate to judge an employee’s performance. Goals need to be updated regularly and performance should be reviewed on the updated goals and not the former ones.

No Regular Feedback

As every day at work counts, an employee needs to know about his daily performance. He cannot wait for a complete year to get a feedback report on his performance. If a regular performance appraisal sets in, the employee will be able to learn and improve on areas in which where he has been criticized. These do matter in an employee’s overall performance. Without any feedback and review during the employment, one will not be familiar with his areas of improvement and weaknesses.

These are a few breakdowns of annual performance appraisals. If it is not benefitting the employee and the company, having a yearly review makes no sense. It is completely the responsibility of the company to communicate and give regular feedback for the benefit of the employee. In place of annual performance appraisal, a regular performance review should be added. This will help the company achieve the targets and the goals through its workforce.