How Social Media helps in Job Search

How Social Media helps in Job Search

February 03, 2018

Social Media has come a long way today. There are over 3 billion people using social media networking websites as of now, and that is about 40% of the global population.

Now, when it comes to job search, social media plays a key role.

Benefits of using Social Media in Job Search

Today most of the companies have an official Facebook/LinkedIn/ Twitter account to advertise their job vacancies. The candidates can apply for the job directly from the social media platforms if he/she is active on any of the above-mentioned platforms.

Another major advantage of being active on any social media platform is, you will be more visible to the employers who use such platforms to advertise their jobs.

If you are using LinkedIn for job search, keep it updated. Most of the employers keep LinkedIn as their topmost option for valuable hires. Updating on LinkedIn is like writing an online CV.

When it comes to Facebook, it’s an informal platform and if you are using it for job search, identify that thin line between being formal and informal. Mostly Facebook is used for connecting with friends and family but as of now, many corporate companies have widened their search for potential candidates to Facebook.

With Social Media, you can directly talk to recruiters and headhunters to get into the minute details of the job you’re applying for.

What is allowed and what is not?

Things to consider while using Social Media in Job Search:

Creating an Online Presence Now, this is very important. When you are looking for a job, you should have a good online presence. Online presence is just not about uploading your recent pictures on Facebook or tweeting about a recent issue, it is all about showcasing your skills, talents and specializations on the online social platforms.

Consistency This is yet another box to be ticked off. Your resume, your LinkedIn profile and other similar websites should talk the same thing about you. Your qualification, work experience, and skill set should not change from platform to platform. Any wrong information might end up in you getting rejected from the job you applied for. So, be consistent across all platforms.

Online Reputation Always make sure to google your name and see what the search engine shows. This is a kind of online reputation one owns. Double check that no explicit/drinking/smoking pictures of you are not showing up. If yes, then do report it immediately or remove it. Also, keep an eye on your privacy settings of all the social media profiles you handle. Be wise and don’t post anything and everything on social media.

Tweets gone wrong! Watch what you tweet. Don’t make any negative tweets on your previous employer/company even if you don’t like it.

Connecting with everyone Social media is the platform where we connect with everyone. But in fact, don’t connect with “everyone”. Always remember that quality is better than quantity. We all have that urge to increase the number of connections on LinkedIn but wait. Connect with influential people and those profiles which you think might help you in some way or the other to build your career.

Social Media while at work You are looking for a career change, you are updating your skills on LinkedIn, all these are perfectly fine until and unless you are not doing this on your Bose’s dime. It’s not wise to use your work computer or work email for job search and to connect with other people in order to find a new job. And if you are still doing it, just be careful about that.

Making use of social media sites in your job search can widen your possibility of getting noticed by potential employers. Also, job seekers will find it easier to apply for jobs via social media platforms.

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Good luck!