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Tips to recruit and retain great talents in small businesses

March 03, 2018

The quality of team you have around you is a major factor when it comes to the success ratio of a business, be it small scale or large scale. For small businesses, it’s always tough to find great talent. They have to fight with big companies on many fronts, including recruiting and hiring great talents.

When it comes to big companies, they can always offer amazing salary packages and highlight their brand name to woo the candidates into joining their company. But this strategy doesn’t apply to small businesses. Hiring managers at small businesses without big human-resources departments often struggle with getting their message across to the talent they want to attract.

The first thing is to realize the advantages of small businesses over big businesses.

  • 1. In start-up companies or smaller businesses, the relationship between the managers and employees will be much stronger and closer. They are less bureaucratic. Most of the entrepreneurs consider their team as an extended family.
  • 2. Small businesses will have more flexibility and more diversity.
  • 3. Employees can gain experience in a variety of areas because in small businesses employees get to wear several hats.

To find good candidates for a small business is a challenge, especially when it’s a visibly risky venture. As a recruiter, you must find ways to impress successful individuals to come work for you.

Here are some tips for Small Businesses to recruit great talent

Networking and References

Networking can be of huge help for small businesses. If one of your contacts refers a candidate to you, chances are good that they’ve already done some selling work for your business. Also, make sure you have a good Employee Referral Program (ERP) and offer rewards for the same. Candidates who come in through referrals usually have a precise picture of the company than the candidates who come in through ads. And in most cases, employees recommend only the ones they think will be a good match for your business. This is a great way to acquire talents.

Small business offer high-growth potential

Even if your business is a small one, it has a lot to offer. Small businesses are flexible, variable, and always growing as aforementioned. Also, top talents crave to grow and advance. Employees have a higher growth ratio in small businesses as compared to big businesses and they will be skilled in multitasking too.

Make your team a part of recruiting

Invite your whole team while recruiting and let them give their inputs as well. Your employees can recommend excellent candidates to your company. They can also help you in sorting the best resumes and qualifications of potential candidates.

Use your website for recruiting

Any company regardless of how small or big it is should definitely have a well-maintained and updated website. Your website is the face of your company, it shows the vision, mission, and goals of your company. Make sure to create an employment section on your website that describes your current openings and contain information about you and what all things you are expecting from a candidate who is likely to contact you.

Get the help of Professional Networking sites

The world of recruiting is always changing. Today, more and more people focus on Social Networking sites to find jobs. Therefore, you can always refer LinkedIn and other related websites to find out talented people and convince them to join your company. Finding potential candidates is one huge step for small businesses.