Top Efficient Practices for Bulk Hiring Recruitment



Top Efficient Practices for Bulk Hiring Recruitment

July, 16 2018

Mass recruitment or bulk hiring often applies to a hiring practice in sectors such as manufacturing, retail, and hospitality. This is usually done when the client wants to expand their business or wants to start a new undertaking. And bulk hiring in Bengaluru is gaining heights. Due to the large hiring practice, it is easy to overlook the quality of the candidates that could be selected. Hence it is very important to chart out a firm bulk hiring strategy so that one knows that the quality is not compromised.

The recruiter will have to have a clear picture of what is needed in a bulk hiring strategy. Clarifying things like the duration required for bulk hiring process to take place, the amount of money to be invested in the process, how long these candidates will be hired for (long-term or short-term), will help keep focus of the bulk hiring in place. When you are set with your agenda, try following these practices for effective bulk hiring:

Collaborate with educational institutions

This is a highly probable place to find a large number of potential candidates that are young, fresh, and filled with openness to opportunity. Tagging with schools, universities and vocational schools help you in saving time and money. Although they lack professional experience, they are a fresh talent pool that you might not want to lose out on.

Job fairs and meets

Job fairs and portals give access to all kinds of potential candidates, both active and passive. You can meet a large number of candidates that are both experienced and inexperienced. Also, for bulk hiring, it is very useful to connect with job fairs and portals because you can meet with candidates from different sectors and fields.

Using employee referrals

Existing employees have many contacts from various backgrounds and with ex-colleagues. Using employee referrals is an effective way of drawing potential candidates. Offering good referral incentives to your employees can bring you a good network of potential employees.

Social Media platforms

Social media forums and platforms are an effective way to track potential candidates and build brand awareness, today. Many mass recruitment agencies in Bengaluru are not lagging behind in this area.

Bulk hiring agencies

Keeping in touch on job portals and driving bulk hiring recruitment campaigns are not easy with little knowledge. Using bulk hiring consultants can help you make the procedure simpler. The number of bulk hiring consultants in Bengaluru is going up in huge numbers. As a result it is difficult to find the right agency that can help you analyze your bulk hiring plan and put it to practice. A good agency for bulk hiring can be Shiras HR Advisory and Services that has professional skills in planning, sourcing and recruiting quality candidates.