Top Recruitment Agencies in India



Top Recruitment Agencies in India

Sep, 10 2018

With the increase in the number of recruitment agencies in India, there are many changes occurring in the dynamics of the recruitment industry. What was once the side that catered to the needs of the hirers and the job-seekers is now taking the top of the wheel. Yes, the birth and development of top recruitment agencies in India have begun to redefine the nature and functioning of the job market in the country. There have been many new paths that have been created, one being the way resumes are being designed. The formation of dedicated teams for each major client among recruitment agencies is another new process of its own, in order to make things more feasible. Here are some of the groundbreaking approaches in the industry that was nobody even considered around a decade ago.

Approaching and Convincing Candidates

Many organizations and companies have realized that the job market is being studied and strategically approached by the experts of the day - recruitment agencies. Their in-house recruiters are no more as capable as much these agencies are. And so they have become smart and are constantly seeking these agencies to take care of the entire hiring process - from posting openings to selecting potential candidates, negotiate with them, to finally following up with other candidates - before successfully appointing them. Similarly, top recruitment agencies in India have proudly taken over the wheel in the Indian job market.

Resume Formatting

Resume-writing was initially just dumping of your work experience and educational qualifications. But over the years, resume-writing has formed into having its own code of writing. A resume is now seen as a document that speaks of your personality as a worker. Recruiters expect a firm and neat presentation as it tells of your communication skills and how committed you are to securing the job. In this time of demand for quality and lesser jobs available, an ideal resume formatting has been made a priority. Thus, formatting, words used, and even minor details have gained much importance in the eyes of recruiters. The agencies follow a strict set of criteria that need to be fulfilled for a resume to even be selected further.

Digitalization of Recruitment

With the advent of online procedures-portals and convenient devices to access them, it is said that digitalization has been adopted by over 90% of the recruitment agencies in India today. As recruiters have taken up this approach to keep up with their competitors and to attract the netizen-job-seeker community, the rest of the job-aspirants have been automatically diverted online. The use of analytics engines and social signals have saved much time, raised efficiency, and reduced manual procedures, providing the much-desired collection of quality talent. Through many digital means, much of the engagement with the candidates and clients have improved and eliminated issues of conducting interviews and meetings, even overseas.

Harnessing Social Media

Slowly becoming the hub of all connectivity among most nations, social media has proved effective time and again in the process of better hiring and branding in India as well. Recruiters have grabbed this wonderful set of platforms to up their social engagement, getting a higher percentage of job-seekers in the loop with them.

Passive Talent Recruitment

As much as there are active job-seekers, there are hidden, passive candidates that the recruitment agencies are constantly creating new ways to bring them out of their shells. The agencies use data-driven approaches to identify and gauge the skill-sets and capabilities of such talents and gently, but diplomatically, encourage them to respond to the job openings.

Recruiters and top recruitment agencies in India have definitely acquired powerful people skills that help them to capture the right kind of talent. Their own skills in doing so have created a wave in the entire recruitment industry in the nation. Shiras HR and Advisory Services falls under this list that is currently in this progression of redefining the job market in India.