Different Types of Recruitment

Sep, 17 2018

Recruitment and its many aspects are too much to grasp. It takes many years to master the processes involved in the industry, like any other field. But one can start off trying to know what recruitment is and the types of it. Through this article, anybody can get a glimpse of what these types are. There are two major types of recruitment: Internal Recruitment and External Recruitment.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is just hiring required candidates for the respective roles and positions in any industry. It involves many processes within, like drawing candidates, shortlisting their profiles, conducting relevant interviews through different means, selecting the suitable aspirants and appointing them to the roles they are selected for. Recruitment applies to but differs in all sectors, types of employment, positions, and companies. It constantly works at bettering the reach, interview systems, training & development, and means through which they connect with those concerned. A good recruitment strategy considers all this along with being cost-effective and save time.

Internal Recruitment

Internal Recruitment is hiring employees that are presently employed within the organization or using their references. This is an easier method of hiring as much of the initial scanning of profiles is not necessary, given that the employee's strength and potential are known. There are subtypes of internal recruitment


For a vacant position to be filled, an existing employee is promoted to a higher level or position, after evaluating their performance in the organization. This helps in identifying the well-performing workers and motivate them, in performing better by handing over higher responsibilities to them.


This is just transferring resources of the same role and position from one department or location to another within the same organization depending on the needs or projects involved. The loyalty of the employee is retained.

Re-recruiting former employees

Depending on the needs or projects to be worked on, ex-employees (including retired) are recruited again for. This saves time and costs on training as they are already experienced at the job. This could be temporary or part-time as well.

Job posting

Advertisements are posted within the organization inviting interested employees to apply for vacant positions. This gives an open and equal opportunity for all employees to try out for another position without changing the company.

Employee referrals

Employees are encouraged to refer their friends and other contacts to apply for vacant positions in the company. They are even rewarded with bonuses when a contact through them is hired. This involves minimal costs and is quick.

External Recruitment

External Recruitment is hiring employees from outside the organization. The requirement for candidates is usually advertised through external means like job boards, portals, agencies, educational institutions, etc. However, these means take much time, money and resources for reaching out and training.

Employment exchanges

Organizations send out a list and descriptions of vacant job profiles to employment exchanges that are a government entity. Job seekers are able to connect with them and apply accordingly.

Recruitment agencies

Agencies help in identifying job aspirants and connect them to companies and organizations by taking them through relevant hiring processes. They usually provide for all kinds of labor: unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled and serve almost all sectors. Their database of past and present applicants can help track down suitable job-seekers.

Campus recruitment

Organizations collaborate with universities and educational institutions and hire graduating students regularly, giving job opportunities to students right after studies. They benefit by getting to hire new, fresh and young employees.


By posting ads through different media, job boards, portals, job fairs, and through special events, a wider and more diverse base of potential is attracted and collected. This is a highly expensive method but is effective nonetheless. Company branding is also taken care of through advertising, so it could be beneficial after all.

While recruiting, companies and organizations are recommended to use a combination of both internal and external recruitment methods according to the requirements, position, and nature of work, time constraints, capital, and other available resources to secure a good team of employees. With the advent of the higher beneficial use of technology, it is all the better to use them as well.