Secrets to crack an interview

November 04, 2017

Interviews take you one step closer to achieve your goals. Have you ever thought why you were short-listed for an interview? Yes, your resume was presentable and most importantly your skills, qualifications and experiences match the requirements of the job. Your dream job is just a small step away. Attending an interview has often been exciting as well as scary for most of us. Exciting, because you are shortlisted and makes you feel motivated to get through the interview. Scary, because you tend to feel confident yet not-so-confident due to nervousness. It is natural to be cold feet during this phase. Our recruiters and interviewers might have also gone through the same situation so they can think from your point of view as well. Here are a few tips to get yourself prepared while attending an interview:

Be genuine and confident

How to get through the interview is now completely in your hands. You have made an impressive resume and you are shortlisted, now make yourself presentable to the interviewers. First Impressions are always the best impressions. This could lead to a positive or negative impact on you based on your attire, mannerisms, hygiene etc. Try to make a good rapport with them so that you will also feel comfortable. Do not slouch. However nervous you are, you should always maintain a pleasant face and answer the questions confidently. Sometimes, they will ask you the simplest question “How will you describe yourself?” on which you might stutter. Hold your head up high and answer this because no one knows you better than you know yourself. Show your enthusiasm and how excited you are about this opportunity.

Conduct research on the company & job opportunity

You should know the company details before walking in for an interview. Deep dive the company’s website so that you will get a clear idea of their work environment, history of the company, vision & mission, goals etc. It is also necessary to know the job/role that you have applied so that you can showcase your skillset and potential and make them want to hire you. You should also know the key players in an organization.

Importance of your resume

It is mandatory to have a professional looking resume with you at the time of an interview as it is through this document that the interviewer gets to know your qualifications, experiences, skills and knowledge. Maintain a high level of professionalism while presenting your resume.

Never let them down

If you are currently working in an organization or you have worked previously, never undervalue them. Each company works in a different manner and has its own dignity. If you have a negative opinion about a particular place you can definitely express yourself to the Human Resource managers of that organization as they give value to employee-employer relationships and their grievances. Never bad-mouth your previous company/manager, it will also lead to a negative impact about you on the interviewer’s mind.

An interview can take place over the phone, video call, face-to-face etc. Your voice implies how confident you are. It is always a two-way communication between the interviewer and the interviewee. If you have any questions regarding the organization or the job, you can always feel free to ask them which gives them a hint that you are interested in your role. Responses should always be in a very positive manner and with a smile on your face. Always remember to respect the people around you, thank them for inviting you and for their valuable time. Follow-up with your human resource recruiter so that they will get to know that you are truly interested about this job. Believe in yourself !