Personal Charisma - the Crowning Glory of an ideal HR Employee



Personal Charisma - the Crowning Glory of an ideal HR Employee

Nov, 29 2018

Charisma, an interpersonal skill is defined as the amalgamation of strong moral values, self-confidence, and a desire to influence others with a lasting impact. Personal charisma is the result of effective communication and other interpersonal skills. Hence, like all the interpersonal skills, charisma can also be learned and developed.

The magnetism and charm of charisma

Personal charisma mainly depends on the charm and persuasiveness of an individual which also makes them effective leaders who influence people to follow them for better or for worse. Charisma as the persona of an HR employee or manager exhibits inspirational motivation - the ability to inspire and motivate while hiring or recruiting potential candidates for various job profiles. In fact, personal charisma is a must-have trait of an HR in top recruitment agencies.

The charismatic HR employees are excellent communicators. It means, they are not only good orators but can effectively communicate with candidates on a deeper social, emotional level and are committed to the agency.

Why personal charisma is crucial for HR employees?

Exhibiting strong personal charisma as a potential HR employee of a top recruitment company requires you to concentrate on how you interact in a positive, appealing, and engaging manner with others. It also means using your skills from a professional and social perspective to influence people while hiring; or while directing them to potential employers as an HR consultant. The multiple roles and responsibilities of an HR employee range from recruitment to maintaining a positive workplace environment, to solving major crises, to influencing positive behaviors and attitudes in the employees of the organization.

Although there is a minor difference in the role of an HR professional when working for an organization and for a top recruitment company. Most often the role of an HR personnel revolves around recruiting employees to the organization. It involves multiple tasks, right from determining the job roles or profiles to screening the ideal candidates, communicating with them, facilitating interviews, to hiring, and explaining the recruitment or company policies, etc. Sometimes, the roles of an HR professional also involves becoming a part of the organization’s administration which may involve employee crises, grievance, the conduct and dress code policy, which include and not limited to:

Planning and Employing the Workforce & Risk Management
  • 1. Implement the recruiting strategy of the organization
  • 2. Interview the applicants
  • 3. Administer the pre-employment tests
  • 4. Assist with background investigation of the potential applicants
  • 5. Analyze and process the employees’ transfers, promotions, KRA’s, job duties, etc.
  • 6. Develop, strategize, and administer health and safety programs for employees
  • 7. Conduct safety inspections, etc.

To successfully accomplish these aforementioned roles and tasks, the HR professional is required to have a strong charismatic persona which makes it one of the crucial must-have characteristics of an HR employee. Because charisma as an interpersonal skill for an HR professional is the ability to interest and influence the people around them positively. The key features that build your charismatic professional persona are self-confidence, optimism, exuberance, positive body language, etc. Being empathetic, and good listeners while maintaining eye-contact, eloquent communication and assertiveness are some of the other traits. As HR professionals have multiple roles, having strong personal charisma becomes crucial for them to grow, develop, and succeed in their profession.

Personal charisma influences Communication and Conflict Management

One of the defining traits of an HR employee is excellent communication. It also extends to facilitating communication between the various departments of the organization, employees, and managers. Effective communication is putting into test your written and oral communication skills for relaying information in a clear and crisp manner.

A small part of communication is applicable in negotiations also which would include and not limited to hiring potential candidates or sorting administration-related conflicts. Personal charisma and communication are two interpersonal skills that go hand-in-hand where one supports the other.

Most often, it is the role of the HR to deal with the grey areas pertaining to management. It includes harassment policy compliance and delivery. Attitude and behavior management of the employees and communicating the same to facilitate an ideal workplace environment.

The HR employees of some of the top recruitment agencies are best negotiators during recruitment and conflict management. Their charisma comes into play as it is a combination of self-confidence, exuberance, assertiveness, and empathy. Having a charismatic persona will enable you to influence the workforce positively which will further help you dissolve the conflict in between either the employees or management or various departments.