All you need to know about B2B transactions



All you need to know about B2B transactions

Feb, 13 2019

Over the years, B2B marketing in its own right has gained prominence equaling B2C that concerns the end consumers or the general public. Although it is business-centric and involves the transaction or commerce involving businesses, consumers today are invested in understanding the working of a typical B2B business.

This is mainly to realize the value added features of the services or end products they receive in a typical B2C. One can also say that B2B is an extension of B2C where before the end product reaches the consumer, it goes through two or more steps pertaining to the creation of the end product or service that can be summarized as B2B. Predominantly, businesses prefer transacting with other businesses for raw materials and other sources to bridge a collaboration which would prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Understanding the Business-to-Business Markets

When it comes to implementing a business-to-business marketing strategy , having a clear understanding of the various business-to-business markets is very important as you perceive the other business or company as your potential customer. It requires an understanding of the B2B definition and its implication . As any market requires, considering the value chain starting with consumer demand to understand the various business products and services to meet this demand is the primary requirement. Basically, when businesses or companies are the end-customers, they buy products or services of other businesses with the objective of adding value to that product or service so that it moves down the chain to reach the general public.

For a successful business-to-business transaction involving a knowledgeable buyer, demonstration of a higher level of expertise in all areas of interactions with the customer is critical for every B2B marketer. This not only involves knowledge pertaining to the product but also the technical and other back-ups the buyer would require throughout the shelf life of the product. For instance; if the marketer is a seller of the equipment that weaves yarn into cloth, the marketer must have expertise about the working, maintenance, probable troubleshooting techniques relating to the equipment.

Fundamental B2B business categories

A reliable B2B consultant or marketer will show diligence, patience, and perseverance while negotiating with the buyers (businesses) by assuaging their fears pertaining to finance, production, technical, and other stakeholder or decision-makers’ concern. The major focus categories of B2B marketers are as follows: Businesses seeking products that are raw materials for adding value; schools, hospitals, and other institutions; businesses that resell the goods to consumers (Ex: wholesalers, agents, etc.)

Facets to consider in B2B Marketing

The product or the service offered in a B2B transaction: It is very important to understand that as a business when you are marketing to consumers in a B2C transaction, there is an emotional aspect involved whereas when you are dealing with your B2B customer, the buyers are often concerned about the quality, cost, cost-saving, revenue benefits, customer services, etc. pertaining to the product offered by your business.

The B2B target audience or market your business deals with: For businesses marketing their goods and services to other businesses, it is quite convenient to focus or target a particular niche industry with special needs as their customer. Although the business caters to that particular special need, the business would however also require a higher level of expertise to retain the customers.

Pricing and promotion in B2B markets: In contrast to the general public or their regular consumers, the B2B customers are often concerned about the product or services’ cost, value, revenue potential, and other aspects involved while decision making. In such instances, it is up to the B2B marketer to convince the customer that their decision of opting for the particular product or service would be worthwhile. To achieve this objective, the right promotion strategies involving marketing and advertising is quite crucial. The latest B2B marketing leans towards being digital-centric where successful B2B marketers are exploring all the possible digital marketing and social media platforms.

Understanding the customer and the strategies involved in convincing the customer is very important whether it involves B2B or B2C marketing. As a business or company, it is essential to realize the importance of the bond you establish with the other business as in the long run you can form beneficial synergies that would positively impact your business.